Here are a couple of really good interviews of Hyung Jun. I love in-depth interviews like these, because we are able to know their thoughts that we otherwise have no way of knowing. Especially if the question is about SS501, it really makes me happy the way Hyung Jun answers it. These interviews are quite long, but definitely a MUST READ!


Male group quintet SS501's member Kim Hyungjun (24) has now stood forth alone.

Kim Hyungjun who's returned to the music industry after a year with his first solo mini album 'My Girl'. It's his first time doing solo activities so he does feel anxious but still, at every point during the interview, he showed confidence. Last 10th on cable channel Mnet's 'MCountdown', Kim Hyungjun did not feel the emptiness left by his members and had put forth a perfect comeback stage. He succeeded in conquering the audiences with a conceptual and more powerful stage than the one he had shown with his members.

Kim Hyungjun said, "The charisma and power that our members have portrayed will now be undertaken by me solely. I will show to you a stage that does not lack in anywhere at all", as he poured his overflowing aspiration.

(Q) You've made your comeback after a year.

(A) It's been a long while since I've returned to the music industry, and I've apparently turned into a senior already. It's the age now for me to accept juniors already. The ranking of this and that has turned so high and I'm amazed. Not long ago I went to music programme and I saw G.Na, IU and Dalshabet. They're really cute. I was very delighted but in order to show my grand profile as a senior, I tried to show a state of composure towards them. (meaning trying to act cool ha ha ha ha)

(Q) The album jacket is unique.

(A) It is my solo album but I want to express the fact that I'm a member of SS501. Even if people may be looking at the album jacket only, they will have the thought like, 'Ah SS501's member Kim Hyungjun is having his solo activity now huh', that kind, and for that, I had put in alot of effort to try to achieve that thought in people. I did the design for the jacket. One who has properly morphed from five people (SS501), that kind of meaning.

(Q) Response for title song 'oH! aH!' was good.

(A) Though oH! aH! is an exciting dance song but it isn't that kind of popular hook song of these days. Fans hoped for a more popular song where they could hum after to sing but I wanted to show a song with a new type of style. I worried if people would find me too stuck-up with desire, but since response for it was good, I'm glad.

(Q) It was singing along with five of you all, but now that you're to sing it alone it's gonna be hard.

(A) You gotta dance and sing the full song altogether so it's very tough. When you stand onto stage you feel nervous and then on top of that you need to coordinate it well together, the chemistry can seem to easily lessen. All our solo dance singers are awesome.

(Q) It's your first time doing solo activity. What's different from doing activities with your group?

(A) Lonely. When the car is moving from one place to another or when I'm resting, my members are not with me and I feel bored. And on stage, when I think about it, I feel emptiness. It hasn't been long since I made my comeback so I think of this as my adjusting period.

(Q) When will we be able to see SS501 standing together on stage again.

(A) All our agencies are different and all our personal activities are very tight and busy, so we still weren't able to discuss about this in detail. However our plan as of now is to release an album within this year. When SS501 appears, all other groups have gotta tighten themselves and get anxious already. Because SS501 isn't a group to prepare sloppishly for their comeback. Haha.

(Q) Do you contact often with your members.

(A) Busy so although we do meet at times, we also contact each other often. We sometimes meet up over drinks.

(Q) Your character business is flourishing.

(A) It's truly beyond my expectation. Thanks to my brother Kibum that's why it's flourishing. Kibum even did the packaging of products himself, and also stuffed the cottonwool into the toys. The character cushions that were supplied to us and meant to be sold over 1 year has been sold out in only 2~3 months. Response in Japan and China is good too. Not long ago we also recruited 2 employees who are good in foreign language. We'll start on aggressive overseas sales too. After the character 'Piro Piro' that was already released first, will be followed by another character 'Siro Siro'. Our company is filled with the Festival Atmosphere. Haha.

(Q) How do you distribute the profits raked in from your business.

(A) I give it all to my brother. Because he's the one working more aggressively his guts out for this.

(Q) Your brother Kibum withdrew from U-KISS. How will his future broadcast activities turn out like?

(A) He's looking for an agency that will blend in well with him. Should there be any good agency for him, he'll start his broadcast activities thereafter. It'll be good if Kibum could succeed at first go, but I hope for him to become a singer who develops better and better over each stage by each step consistently.

(Q) You seemed to have worried alot because of the Japan big earthquake.

(A) I wanted to leave a piece on twitter regarding the earthquake victims but I don't know how to write and what to write so I couldn't. But I will leave a piece on my official Japanese homepage. I'm discussing with my agency on how to help with this. I've received alot of love from Japanese fans. And it's the time now for me to repay that love.

(Q) Aren't you gonna love.

(A) Lonely. I really don't have a girlfriend. I gave up on love. I'm thinking if I should get matchmaked and then get married when I turn 30. Haha.

(Q) What's your aim for the year.

(A) I have plans to do aggressive activities overseas like in China, etc. Also have plans to do a solo concert at the end of the year. I will need to sing throughout a full 2 hours so I will be seemingly releasing many albums in this year. 2011 will turn to be an extremely busy year for me.

Credits: + ode@blogspot



SS501's Kim Hyung Jun who's had captivated the passion of Japan as a Hanryu singer 4 years ago is feeling awe-inspiring recently. With a new title as Singer Kim Hyung Jun, he ambitiously released his first perfectly done solo album as he gives an undertaking to make his new stepping-out. However, his priority is something else. Because of the Japan big earthquake, his worry for fans is significant too. He wants very much to reciprocate the love he's received from Japanese fans as one member of SS501.

Before he began the interview on his solo album, he did not forget to show his worry for Japanese fans first, "Because we've gotten so much love from Japan, I need to start planning real soon on an event to mourn for the Japanese citizens, no matter in what format it shall be". His solo album that was sincerely prepared may be important, but his concern for Japanese fans is what makes him heart-warming to us.

Kim Hyungjun described his feelings of going solo as "the feeling of debuting again". He who has turned from the maknae in his group to a solo singer now made us hear animation in his voice. His 4 other members who were always beside him are not present now, but he has with himself every day the determination of going towards a new beginning, and this determination is the same as what a newbie would have when he/she just debuts. Kim Hyungjun who illuminated gleam in his eyes calls this his '2nd debut', and no sooner than later, he stood on the stages, again.

(Q) First of all you're now standing on stage alone and not as five. How do you feel?

(A) I'm not really that kind who gets nervous easily, but I don't know why I feel very anxious this time. Not like my style right (laughs). Couldn't control my expressions properly, and felt my stiffening body when I perform on stage. Though my first stage was quite awkward and a little pitiful that way, I don't think it would affect my outlook in performing too much. You will get to see senior idol Kim Hyungjun's adept stage manners in the next performance.

(Q) What disadvantages and advantages are there if you were to compare it against SS501 days?

(A) It was always doing activities with the five of us, but now I'm turned to stand alone and though I do feel nervous, I feel great too for being able to work alongside great people. The best thing of this all is that I can get to subdue the camera all by myself. I feel very excited everyday that I'd be able to show to everyone my different profiles. Of course, that comes with huge responsibility too isn't it. My members are not with me so I need to work alot times harder right?

(Q) How did people around you & your members responded?

(A) It's already been 6 years since I began standing on stage. I was shaking furiously on my first stage but now I have got to put forth a relaxing show for all. There was a good premonition at the beginning. All people around me told me the music was good. Haha. However now that I don't have my members whom we always relied on and who always gave encouragement for one another, I feel a little empty inside me. We always play the role of support towards each other so I feel a little lonely. For this too I gotta endure it alone.

(Q) Do you contact the SS501 members often?

(A) We monitor one another and also do not hesitate at giving suggestions and comments to one another. We may be in different agencies for now, but we do come frank during discussions on which period to carry out activities at and the concept we'll use. We joke about doing that in a way our personal activities won't clash. Especially Park Jungmin who sent his support all the way by visiting my music video shooting location and also came as a guest to my fanmeeting venue. Our members are originally skilled by nature, so even if we were to stand forth alone, all of us will be able to do it well enough.

(Q) What is it you have in mind the most when you're doing activities alone?

(A) More than anything else I want to let know of a brand called Kim Hyungjun. It will be something that only I can do it, no matter what it may be, and I want to show it to people. I want to make it in a way that it will be oozing with a very liberated atmosphere once Kim Hyungjun appears. That's why I wore many different outfits such as training uniform, formal suits etc and showed my various profiles in the album; similarly in music wise, I also showed a huge change. It's really quite different from the strong stage atmosphere that SS501 had. Vocal-wise and stage-wise, there was less strength used and instead it was filled with a lighter spirit in the atmosphere. I want to become a dance singer who has with me my unique characteristics, only.

(Q) If there are any distinctive features in this album?

(A) From hit song producer E-Tribe to rapper Dokki and all other skilled veteran musicians who haven't been able to collaborate during SS501 days have all worked alongside me this time. Dance song 'Girl' is my most favorited song and it was released first, while the song produced by E-Tribe hyungs that carried with it a unique feel was then selected to be my title track. If it has a popular melody, it'll be easier to get the attention of audiences first. I also tried my part at being a lyricist for 2 songs. Because this is MY album, I want to fill to my heart's content with words that I want to say.

(Q) DBSG who used to carry their activities alongside you all is now divided into two people; how do you feel?

(A) It's a pity, but I feel they will work out well. Many past memories float in mind alot these days.

(Q) Do you have any new determination on any thing, now that you're doing activities alone?

(A) First of all, I'm determined to no longer hold that tinge of shyness when I'm on stage. When I go on music programmes, I do start to feel my status as a senior. I hope to make it to an extend like, when juniors see me perform, they will feel proud and envious about me at the same time.

(Q) What comes onto mind when you see idols these days?

(A) When they go on to music programmes, they mix around friendly and seem to bond very well, and upon seeing that I felt glad. When I was doing activities back then at our best state there were so many male groups, but these days, it's girl groups ruling the way. They even exchange phone numbers. They look to be really bonding well.

(Q) If you were to say something to your Japanese fans with regards to this time's big earthquake?

(A) SS501 invaded into Japan since 2008 and has been receiving alot of love from Japanese fans. Though our members are now dispersed across here and there ever since the end of our full time contract last June with former agency, our members and I hope to give our helping hand in a mourning manner in order to thank the love we've received from our Japanese fans. My schedules in Japan may have been announced already but of course it needs to be pushed back. Instead concern was shown for me and I feel nothing but gratitude. Luckily our fans are safe and sound, and instead they worried for me. Once again, thank you to the infinite love from our fans.

(Q) What's your aim for this year?

(A) I want to receive the Bonsang award with my solo album this year. First and foremost would be to stand up high in this music industry with my name. But still, I hope to do activities in Japan as soon as possible, and also juggle musical activities. I want to do many different activities.

Credits: + ode@blogspot


twiguyz said...

love it when baby said "When SS501 appears, all other groups have gotta tighten themselves and get anxious already. Because SS501 isn't a group to prepare sloppishly for their comeback."

baby's right, bcoz when they will have their comeback, they will dominate the stage again ^^

oly84 said...

my BFF who is VIP (Bing Bang fans) also said the same thing "SS501 just make the comeback soon,surely DEABAK"

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