When I saw the first pic, I said, curly hair again, Leader?! Aigoo... I don't know if it's the image required or it's just what the stylist want. I want the straight hair! Kekeke. Nevertheless, he's always handsome. These wallpapers from Lotte Duty Free are big, so be sure to click on the photos below to enlarge them. It should be perfect as a wallpaper this April. I chose the 2nd one to put as my wallpaper. Keke.

Credit: http://kr.lottedfs.com/magazine/wallpaper/wallpaper.jsp


nadya naim said...

i love his curly hair in playfull kiss..

Anonymous said...

i also agree with u 501% i want the straight hair back!!!
more mature & cooler...
Kim Hyun Joon Oppa Fighting!!!
SS501 Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

love his style and i like the straight hair of his the most i agree :)

Anonymous said...

cute hairstyle!

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