Here are a few pics and a video clip of JM arriving in Hong Kong for a fanmeeting. Watching the video, I was worried that the security is poor, JM was even pushed and almost fell down. He could have easily gotten hurt! T_T I really think that the airport security should have organized the fans well. There were barricades but why is it that some of the fans were able to get too close?! It would have been alright if they weren't pushing and just allowed JM to pass by, and just followed calmly. I really hope that they will tighten the security next time. It's not gonna be a pretty sight if the idol gets hurt or any fan for that matter. Please take care of our boy! Again, Triple S, please try to maintain calm in these instances. We know how excited we get when the boys are inches away from us, we've been there, and we know how it feels. But part of being a fan is to give a little bit of space to our idols. A little safe distance will do. Let's not suffocate them and scare them, and PUSH them! Let's all learn the etiquette of being a fangirl!

Video Uploader: yyy148b@YouTube

Credits: Charisma + Peppergreen501


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