I really did not know that it will be so fast for me to write another Thanks To.
Again to release another album, I would like to thanks a lot of people. ^^
Thank you lord for blessing me and pray that I will live well..^^
And who always worry about their son... My dad mum~!
Your son has always been very seriously working. Please do not worry! In this world, I love you two the most! ^^
And The best of the best, my sister..! Always progress towards your dream. And... also progress to your in-laws house!
And my dearest brother.. sister-in-law and the one who looks really like our lazy bear... my nephew! Hwaiting!^^
And who really helps me alot taking care of me with a fatherly smile... Our CNR Media President Roy
I will try my very best to become the Asia and a Global singer, actor!^^
And to Kim Suk Shin couple, congratulations on your new born baby!! Hope that Sik Hyun can grow up healthily!! ^^
And to our cute and toublemaker Vice President Kim Tae Hyung Ajussi...!! Give me a flash of inspiration!
And my grandmother!! Teacher~! Director Wendy! Really wanna thank you, I will put in my best!
Occasionally I will talk back at you, I am sorry!
So as to say you shouldnt treat me that way!
And the girl standing on the top of the pyramid, Director Kang Hyun Jin, although very tough but very cute Hye Sun noona, hwaiting~!
And the trouble maker many times almost making me looking like a sinner... Kim Yun Eun~
Ah... no... no... it is already promoted as a Kim team leader! Despite this I.Will.Look.Out.You.Better.Do.Well!
And our lucky Jung Eun noona, thank you for always rooting for me. Let's get lucky together! ^^
And our new comers darlings... till now still in secure position old darling Jun Shin ssi... new darling! Lucky Ya Lan ssi aza aza hwaiting!
And in the coming years that need to take care of me, my agent, handsome and always tightly following me by my side, Bum Jun Hyung
Fashionable guy President Lee Gi Baek, hwaiting!!^^ And in the coming years, really need to cooperate
My forever new friend Anji san! Also Comic Ritz crews and staff! Let us invade the Greater China!
And Sony's Adam, Xiao Cui, Cui Zheng Dong Hyung!! Let us make use of a fantastic album to touched people again!^^
And in Singapore whom I met upon fate, Mr Andy Jones!!! Buy me dinner!
And also Sony;s Cally, Lizzie, Hiroto, Jesse and all staff, let's hwaiting together.
Wang Wang Enterprise Daebak! Although we have always meet, let me impart my mesmerising eyes to you..! And Wei Ting~!!
My Taiwan activities, Wei Ting, you have to be responsible!!! Aiyoyo, huge responsibilities!!^^ And aza aza hwaiting!!!
And Yamaha kawaii Jun-san, Kawaii Tomo-san, sexy Kot-san, clever Xiu-jing ssi, accurate intuition Suma san wait...!
I will step by step pali release albums and tv dramas, let's strongly do for everyone to see.. aza aza!!!
And Hidae-san, pali do!! Can't return faster? Do it!! Let's leave Hidae-san!! Good to leave
Must buy nice food from Germany back~!
In charge of Fan Club, Mat-san! Must do till there are fifty thousand members, GO! (If you dont do properly, you gonna die!!)

And created an explosive potential Park Jung Min, the dean, Gao Yuan Hui.
Responsible Seo Ri, dreamer, Hye Jin ssi... beautiful Shen Shin noona, full of masculine charisma Yili-san, I will look out!!
MinsiAn etc... and the rest of the crew, thank you...!
And other than clothes, also chatting happily together, letting me become a handsome chap, our big stones President Gao, Rin Shan noona, Ji Xiu~~~You!!
Ji Xiu, as cute as button, Shuang Er!!! Thank you~~ ^0^
And always chat about the past Minali noonas, always busy chatty friend Kim Nan noona!! Thank you!
And letting me becoming 1st beautiful skin flower boy regardless spring, summer, autumn or winter, Sung Shin Hyung, you are the greatest~!
And the secret of my body! Diet managment guru Skinstar's staff, thank you!
The secret of my teeth...! Losia Dental Clinic's President Jang Shin Yong and also Jung Eun noona!! ^0^
And everyone in Sam & Boom beauty salon, I also wanna say thank you.
And H bank, my financial advisor! Ms Amy, thank you!! Congrats on you marriage!! ^)^
And help me create a perfect body's Heo hyung~! Thanks~!!
And also thanks Yuk Baek Hyung-nim who always taking care of me!!^^
And for the 1st time collaborating Kom Studio, Kom ajussi and other staff that we have work together, thank you all!^^
And doing designs and taking photography together Stegano-graphy! Thank you!
And also working together for the 1st time Choi Juk Chil ajussi, it hard on you, next time let's discuss more and make a better album!
And helping me to produced my sexy hit song, Park Heo Jong ajussi, thank you!
Never had a chance to greet you personally, Kim Dae Hoon writer, thank you too!
And have produced NOT ALONE, DO YOU KNOW together, Shinsadong Tiger~ good best excellent!
Helping to do my EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMAS, Hyun Min Hyung! Love you! And the secret to my voice, Won Joong Hyung~!
The secret to singing, must impart to me~~!! Dont only say it~! Please impart to me!
And this time the leader of the dancers, really hard on all of you, lets hwaiting in the years to come...^^ TEAM H! HWAITING!
And Royal Ave~ Now it is time to be successful!!! Let's pali finished renovating and open the new store!
And also I would like to express my gratitude to CEO Lee and his wife of DSP and the rest of the staff.
And my friends who gave me lots of strength and encouragement, Min Jung, Hero~! I love you all!!
Hee Tae, I love you too!
And who has been always taking care of me, us, Teacher Kang Yuk Sun and Teacher Jung Shin!!
And lovely Tae Lee, Hee Shoo noona, Hana noona, Hee Sun noona, Dong Jun Hyung, Hye Jung noona etc... I love all of you~!!^0^
And I will never ever lose the pride of SS501.
Thankful and pampering all fans of Park Jung Min
All TripleS, thank you to all of you.

Credits: The, Park Jung Min mini album + Korean ~ Chinese Trans: just thought & Celyn @ YOYO501
Chinese ~ English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com

Pls repost with credits.

LOL! Jung Min is so funny! I could almost picture him out writing this long "Thanks to" and smiling. Kekeke. I loved the last 3 lines. Triple S will always be right beside you and SS501, Jung Minnie! In as much as you're thanking us, we THANK YOU too for being the wonderful person that you are! Hope you will stay as lovely as you are!


Anonymous said...

minnie you are so funny i can imagine of how you write this very long letter :) fighting

리사 said...

I love how he thanked DSP's CEO and his wife. :) Such a long letter, i can't believe he remembered everyone. XD =)))

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