Lovin' the tweet pics of Kyu, Jun, and Min! Aaah, I've been so busy lately, I barely have time to post. Miane. But it always cheers me up whenever the boys or even their manager/agency tweet pictures of them. Wipes the stress away! Thanks to xiaochu for translating!

2011-04-26 @ 5:15 PM
Kim KyuJong!!!!!!!!! keke Sorry for not able to protect you yfrog.com/gy21111659j
*It says Kim KyuJong Fool on the pic

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2011-04-26 @ 2:05 PM
KyuJong, who come to the office for lessons, is making a phonecall in boss’s room. My camera caught him~~~ I think he is on the phone with YoungSaeng (my guess^^) heehee Will be uploading YoungSaeng’s photo again soon~~ Is everybody ready? yfrog.com/gzzb9kkj yfrog.com/h7whddcj

2011-04-24 @ 4:40 PM
End of 1st performance in Osaka! Let’s run till the 2nd performance!! yfrog.com/hsm4dyzj

2011-04-22 @ 12:35 AM
Successfully finished performance in Thailand, currently taking a rest at the lounge. I had a great time haha. ^^ yfrog.com/h325223424j

2011-04-22 @ 9:21 AM
Had one photo from the 1st day~^^* yfrog.com/h2dj9bqej

Tweets Translated by: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Kleo ★ AJ said...

So adorable Jung Min x]]]]

Wah they all look so professional now :)

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