I was tensed and excited at the same time while watching Music Bank this afternoon and waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the winner for K-Chart. When they announced F(x) was the winner, my heart dropped. I really really wanted Young Saeng to win, and I think he really deserved to win. But oh well, no use bashing and ranting. We are, after all, Triple S, the most peaceful fandom. Kekeke. Anyway, what matters most is that YS made us proud, being up in the running for No. 1 just on his 2nd week of comeback! That's already a great feat, right?! We are so proud of you Saengie! You'll always be a winner in our hearts!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see youngsaeng being on the top 2
considering that he's the first SS501 member that rank in KChart as a SOLO artist(thats an achievement already)
I hope he will win next week

I congratulate F(x) for winning but I think young saeng deserve to win too... I mean comparing the both songs F(x)'s song doesn't make sense(although I love the beat of it) unlike young saeng's song(I'm not being bias, i just watched an eng sub of the song before because I want to know what the song mean and it really doesn't make sense)

chu said...

We hope our young saeng to win for various chart! Young saeng, Fighting!

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