Representing Korea, idol group SS501 have all gone to do their solo activities. Kim Hyun Joong has participated in acting, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun have released their own solo albums. Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong both have signed on together with a new company, and even held their fanmeeting together. Recently Heo Young Saeng also released his own solo album.

"Almost 1 year, because I trusted my current company, thus I choose to change my previous company. During SS501 activities period, we have worked together before. Now that I am in the same company as Lee Hyori noona, but due to her busy schedule, thus we only met each other twice. In any case I feel that it's a pity. Although group activities together would be the best, but still would like to have some solo activities. Currently I am quite upset separating from the members, but we still keep in contact."

During when Heo Young Saeng was having SS501 activities period, due to his outstanding vocals which is recognised by everyone making him stand out. Young Saeng also naturally said that his image postion thus being recognised as that. But this album however showcase his outstanding vocals and his musical talents. Title song "LET IT GO" is a very unique lively dance melody, which features HyunA member of 4Minute who participated in the recording.

"During last Nov entering into the new company, start preparing for the new album. Only start album production in this Feb. If the response for this album is good, we will only start the plan for overseas activities/promotions. Of course, must sing. This time, "LET IT GO" comeback stage will showcase me and my 6 dancers. I am very grateful to HyunA for helping me featuring in my song, but it seems that the fans are jealous."

12 May during the releasing of the album, other than the main title song, the album also consist of the song "OUT THE CLUB" which was produced by Tae Hwan who also produced RAIN's album, retro beat but full of modern feel "I'M BROKEN" and also "RAINY HEART" featuring Kyu Jong for the rap part.

During the process of the album preparations, Heo Young Saeng fratured his right hand while practicing for his dance, no choice but to delay the release of his album. Even though he has not fully recover, he still insist to go on with the promotions. Not only music activities, he also participated in all the recordings of the variety shows vigorously. We can see that Young Saeng is totally immersed in the album promotions with his energy and passion.

As a member of SS501, Heo Young Saeng stated: "Now that everyone of us will give each other encouragement. Currently it is hard for us to re-group together, but we will discuss this matter next year. Now the aim is to concentrate in promoting my own solo album. The only word which I can introduce my album is "Change of image", put aside the image that I have SS501, everyone will know after they have seen it."

Has always been giving a smile, Heo Young Saeng thus starts his solo actvities this year. Idol group SS501 members solo activities, have always gave been giving different images and charms to the fans, Heo Young Saeng too!

Credits: Sports World + Chinese Trans: 玉米的抱枕 @水之莲生许永生中文网 + English Trans:
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