There are really people who have nothing better to do. Using KHJ's website to collect money from fans?! Bad. Bad. Bad.

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, who recently opened fanclub membership for his new solo fanclub, “Henecia“, reported that his official homepage was recently hacked. Cyber investigations have begun, and KeyEast has asked fans to refrain from submitting membership applications for the time being.

The hacker changed the notification post so that fans were now required to pay a $35 USD membership fee, and even went as far as to change the bank accounts associated with it.

Another false post was made, informing fans that they would receive a special fan-meet opportunity with the star in Jeju Island for an extra fee of $100 USD. An additional $800 USD fee was asked for those wanting a 1:1 dinner meal opportunity.

Representatives of KeyEast stated, “The official homepage was recently hacked. We would like to inform fans that the account listed in the notification is not KeyEast’s account, and that the Jeju Island fan-meeting is also false and has nothing to do with KeyEast. We will be halting all membership applications for Henecia for the time being.”

They continued, “The case has been turned over to cyber investigations. We would like to apologize for raising concerns.”

The homepage has currently blocked all visitors.

Credits: X Sports News via Naver + allkpop


Here's the notice from KEYEAST:

Hello, this is Keyeast.

This morning, due to an external hacking attack attempt of our official homepage, a change in the depositing bank account number was made and that caused much worries from all of you. We are aware about that and thus we are here to give a notice on this.

The depositing bank account was changed to Woocheguk Bank with Payee being Jaein Office and account number being 013102-02-456508. The above mentioned account is not an account of Keyeast's. Also, many notices from all of you are being written continuously and posted with personal phone numbers and emails inclusive.

Because of this hacking attempt, all joining applications and bank transferring or depositioning of money for joining into the official fanclub 'Henecia' is now temporarily suspended, and we hope that no more damage will be incurred with response to any of these additional deposition of money.

In addition, the newly added activity post in the 'Schedule' category as above of this 'Jeju-do Fanmeeting' that was said to be held on June 1 is also false information; it is of zero relation to Keyeast altogether, so by making this notice, we hope for no confusion from all of you.

For the sake of all you fans' safety and to ensure no more damage made, Keyeast is currently licensing with the Cyber Terror Police on cooperation of this. For those fans who have already fallen into this trap by depositing your money into the Woocheguk Bank, please note that you must definitely send in and inform your details on this scam with our fanclub in-charge personnel through either phone calling or through email (

We truly apologize with an apologetic heart for causing inconvenience to all foreign and domestic fans who always give all of your love towards Kim Hyunjoong-ssi. After restoration work is completed, only then will the application for the official fanclub continue as per normal. We will inform on this again through another notice by then.

Thank you.


English translation:


Anonymous said...

some people need to get a life. this is the second time that leader's website has been hacked.

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