Hi guys! How are you all doing? As you all know, SS501 just celebrated their 8th anniversary last June 8, 2013. 8 years! Wow, isn't that amazing?! Maybe you're wondering why I'm suddenly back, before any of you guys get your hopes up, NO, I am NOT returning to blogging. I just have no time to blog anymore, sorry to say. I get a lot of comments expressing disappointment but I hope you guys understand. Blogging takes up a LOT of time, and I just don't have the luxury of time anymore. So anyways, why am I here now posting this? Well I'll tell you... I'm sure most of you already know this... last night, I randomly logged on to my Twitter and I saw some tweets saying sweet Kyu Jong actually tweeted one of the fanvids I made from my Love SS501 Series: Part 1 - Wings Of The World. And true enough, look! I should have this framed and hung on my wall! Haha!

And Young Saeng even retweeted it!

I was like, "NO WAY!" I couldn't believe it. It felt so surreal for me. After all these years, Kyu finally stumbled upon my video and just decided to tweet and share it with all Triple S, on their 8th anniversary NO LESS! That makes me SO PROUD! And I just thought it deserves a special post in here. So here I am, positively glowing with pride. I made that video with all the love I feel for them and all I've ever wanted was for them to be able to see how much Triple S loves them. I hope that somehow when Kyu saw the video, it was able to at least bring a smile to his lips.

I'd like to take this chance to thank the wonderful Green Peas who took the time to watch the video and left some really nice comments on my YouTube video page. It really means a LOT to me guys. You have no idea how much I miss the love and energy and passion that the Triple S community exudes. I miss fangirling and the good old harmless stalking, and screaming and the excitement of fanmeetings. The last I had an encounter with SS501 is when I went to watch Leader's fanmeeting in Hong Kong last year in May. I got to shake his hand after the fanmeet and we shared a couple of seconds eye contact! I was absolutely swooning. Hahaha.

You guys have seen the boys' 8th anniversary video message, eh? This was uploaded originally in junusofficialtv YT channel. Much thanks to shirbogurl4 for subbing it in English.

Glad to see some things never change. JM is still pretty much their spokesperson. Baby is still being bullied (after all these years!) haha. Tom & Jerry moments are still apparent. Kyu is still the sweet, soft spoken guy ever. YS still a shy prince. And JM is still as loud and fun as ever. Oh how I miss them. It's too bad Leader wasn't with them. He probably has a schedule he can't get out of, but that's okay. We know he still loves us.

I miss SS501 TERRIBLY. For the past 2 years, I've been busy with my life, but never did I give up on SS501. I may have stopped blogging or tweeting or making vids, but in my heart, I'm still patiently waiting (like every TS around the world) for the boys' comeback as a group. Five together as one on stage again. And I don't know about you, but I'll never stop believing. If the boys themselves say that SS501 isn't coming back anymore, then I'll believe them. But no, they made it clear that SS501 is still very much alive. All five of them: Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Prince Heo Young Saeng. Center Kim Kyu Jong. Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min. Maknae Kim Hyung Jun. Wonderful, kind hearted, talented boys we've grown to love so much. They're all grown up now but they're still the same dorky boys we saw in "Thank You For Waking Us Up". Their friendship and bond as brothers is and always will be UNBREAKABLE.

Triple S Pretties, wherever you are in the world, always remember, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Make new friends, get married, have kids, build your own families, GROW. But ALWAYS ALWAYS have a SPECIAL SPOT in your heart for SS501. These 5 boys touched our lives in so many ways, they deserve our LOVE and LOYALTY until the VERY END. Let's show them that Triple S is still strong and waiting for them, okay? We're a FAMILY. And families don't turn their backs on each other. Let's hold on to our faith. FIGHTING! I love you guys! Hope to see you all in person, cheering our hearts out during SS501's COMEBACK and WORLD TOUR! 

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May 29, 2011



Hi guys,

I thought it was going to be just a short hiatus, but it turned out longer than I expected. I miss blogging and I miss SS501. Words can't even describe the withdrawal effects I'm having, ever since I stopped blogging. I've been following our boys' solo activities, but I just don't have time to blog anymore. Life is so busy for me right now, and frankly speaking, I don't know when I'll come back to blogging. It's not an easy decision. But one thing's for sure, I will never stop being a Triple S. I love these 5 boys so much and news of them everyday continue to make me sane and relieve my stress. Everyday, I still silently follow SS501, keep myself up to date with what's happening to them, and I will always support them. I'll wait for the day when they will come back as a group. When the 5 will be 1 on stage again. I appreciate the pretties who are still visiting this blog and I hope someday, I can still come back. I'm sorry for those who are disappointed. :( I'm sad too, but I just can't deal with blogging at this point in my life. So I'm currently on pause, indefinitely. I hope you guys understand, and I hope you will never give up on SS501. I miss you all.

Forever a Triple S,

Video Uploader: kucouncil@YouTube

Heo Young Saeng amazing voice imitation of Kim Kyung Ho's "It Makes Me Sad" on "Change The World Quiz" makes everyone to give him a standing ovation.

Solo comeback Heo Young Saeng participated in the variety show "Change The World Quiz" and because of his imitation of Kim Kyung Ho's "IT Makes Me Sad" which caused a huge interest.

On 21 May MBC broadcast the weekend variety show "Change The World Quiz" gathered SS501 solo activities Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun making it a star-studded show.

From the opening of the show, Heo Young Saeng received a huge extraordinary support from Kim Gura.

When Heo Young Saeng was being asked "Have he prepared any voice imitiations?", Kim Gura explained on behalf that "Young Saeng is really very good at singing Kim Kyung Ho's songs".

Kim Hyung Jun at the side also replied "It is exactly the same" making all the guests and audience in the show anticipating. After which Heo Young Saeng started singing Kim Kyung Ho's "It Makes Me Sad". His strong vocals totally awed everyone, and gave him a standing ovation.

Especially Kim Hyung Jun suddenly stood up from his seat, and without any stingyness in his applause and gave his hyung a total solid support which can see from his eyes.

Watching the show, netizens commented that "my goosebumps are all out" and "It is totally the same as Kim Kyung Ho" and "Even if he went to record on Kim Kyung Ho's behalf no one will even notice!" etc...

Credits: bntnews + Chinese Trans: Y'summer @水之莲生许永生中文网 + English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Video Uploader: eednaka@YouTube

Credit: Kyu's

Credits: Baidu + as tagged

I'm adding here a video clip of Kyu Jong dancing from rehearsals... he looks so darn fine dancing like that! Powerful dance from our Kyu Jongie! Love it! I wish I could watch the musical...

Video Uploader: anpan2H@YouTube

Young Saeng makes his comeback stage at Music Core today. He looks so handsome, doesn't he? I love the stage setting for Music Core today. We get another fill of Saengie's dimples, smirks, bad boy stares and excellent vocals and dancing! Still can't get enough, right? Kekeke.

Video Uploader: CrazyCarrot270@YouTube

Credits: Amorino + as tagged

Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, and Heo Young Saeng have all released solo albums this year, and now it's time for leader! Kim Hyung Joong's first solo mini-album Break Down includes six tracks covering both ballads and dance numbers. The album's main track Please is a R&B pop number with melancholic lyrics and grand piano and orchestral arrangement. Rapper Double K features in another new song, Break Down.

Credits: Synnara + Screenshot by khjgalaxy.blogspot.com + YesAsia.com


Video Uploader: hjcoco@YouTube

Aaaaah! Kyu Jongie singing one of my favorite OST songs in KPOP, "Perhaps Love"! Love it!

Video Uploader: anpan2H@YouTube

I was tensed and excited at the same time while watching Music Bank this afternoon and waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the winner for K-Chart. When they announced F(x) was the winner, my heart dropped. I really really wanted Young Saeng to win, and I think he really deserved to win. But oh well, no use bashing and ranting. We are, after all, Triple S, the most peaceful fandom. Kekeke. Anyway, what matters most is that YS made us proud, being up in the running for No. 1 just on his 2nd week of comeback! That's already a great feat, right?! We are so proud of you Saengie! You'll always be a winner in our hearts!

Video Uploader: UnknownCarrot170@YouTube

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