It's been all over the news... HongKong paparazzi's have captured shots of Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng with a couple of girls out in town, hailing a cab, and Young Saeng smoking a cigarette. I'm sure a lot of Triple S fans are confused and wondering what's the real score behind these pictures...

So many speculations have cropped up. I admit, at first when I read the news from Apple Daily, I wondered if it's true. But then when I read their article, it's obvious that the way it's written is malicious. I just have a few things to say here:
  • First of all, you can't judge something just by looking at a certain picture. There are so many possible explanations for the photos above. But when used with malicious intent, it can be blown out of proportion.
  • Secondly, if Triple S fans believe the article and believe in their minds that the boys are actually doing something wrong, then it's up to them. If they choose to stop liking SS501 because of these pictures (that for all we know are innocent shots of them with their friends hanging out), then they're not really loyal fans, are they?
  • Thirdly, I'm sure the boys won't do anything stupid in a foreign country, not while they're on their Asia Tour! I mean, if they had to do something "fishy" why would they do it in public for everyone to see, right?
  • Fourthly, every single one of us has vices. Young Saeng smokes? So what? It's not like it's a crime or anything. It's his personal lifestyle choice, please don't judge him because of it. The boys need and deserve some rest and relaxation after the pressures they've been through preparing for their concert. They've worked tirelessly so Triple S fans can enjoy and celebrate with them. They've worked hard to project a good image to us. The least we could do is believe in them and don't let this piece of crappy news ruin our faith in SS501.
  • Lastly, as a loyal Triple S fan, I'm standing behind SS501 no matter what. I think it's unfair for us to judge them based on something that we're not entirely sure ourselves. Unless we know the full story, we shouldn't let other people dictate to us what we should believe in. I love SS501 for their sheer talent and amazing personalities. Yes, they may not be perfect, but their talents and their good personalities are undeniable. So I definitely won't be affected by this, and neither should you, Triple S.
For an in-depth explanation, read happiebb's blog, and hopefully, like me, you won't be naive and just jump into conclusions, because loyal Triple S fans are not shallow and easily deceived. Let's show the boys of SS501 that we love them and won't easily be fooled and influenced by anti-fans.


hannah hernandez said...

hi...hmmm if you guys are in soompi.. I already shared my 2cents there.. I am hanachan by the way.. Well, true or not this doesnt change the fact that I love them. We, fans should always remember that yes, they are idols but they are human too. Smoking, drinking and liking girls are normal to guys and surely our idols are not saints.

Though I really wish that the smoking would stop since Sangie's throat has complications already so he should take care of it more.

As for the girls, they might be part of the staff since the boys always have their staff with them.. If not then I can't blame them. If I was there and leader was looking that hot I would follow him everywhere and anywhere. hahaha

remember this.."Don't ever be flattered by any rumors, and always trust the member.
Singers will never betray their fans."

phtriples said...

very well said hannah... you're right, we should always trust our SS501 members. We are not real fans if we bail because of one malicious rumor. triple s should always stick together!

Anonymous said...

hi, i am Luna from triple s philippines. I admit that i was really saddened by the news... but true or not, this did not change anything the way i see the boys as talented young group that is worthy of their fans' or everyone else's admiration.. we may not really know as fans the other things that they really do in their private life but can't we just leave it to them?

my only wish is for all loyal fans of SS501 to prove now that they love and support the group...

.. lastly, Young Saengie is my favorite amongst the 5 members... nothing's changed... Young Saengie is still Young Saengie.. and I guess my admiration and support grows exponentially as days pass by... :)

Anonymous said...

huh, well i already knew this story isnt true.
Although i wish young saeng wouldnt smoke. Im sure its a stress reliever for him. Im also sure that he doesnt smoke all the time. Ahh well,

K4te said...

uhhhh i hope he is not smoking always... its bad for him... pls be healthy and stop smoking.. im not saying that i dont like it wat im saying is mind his health and im concern as a fan but still.. they're loads of people dying because of smoking.. we just dont want that.. pls mind ur health... We love You YS Happy B-day.

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