Triple S fans know that SS501 have their very own nicknames. Hyun Joong is Leader; Young Saeng is Shy Prince; Kyu Jong is Forever Center; Jung Min is Sexy Charisma; and Hyung Jun is called Magnae or Baby. But aside from their normal nicknames, SS501 also have animal nicknames. Jung Min is the one who actually gave members their animal nicknames. And he's pretty accurate about them too. He gave the nickname DOG to Leader Hyun Joong, OTTER to Young Saeng, GORILLA to Kyu Jong, and TURTLE to Baby Hyung Jun, and of course, he himself admits that he's a HORSE.

Now, I especially made the following picture comparisons so you could judge for yourself whether Jung Min got it right or not. What do you think? Do the SS501 members actually look just like their animal nicknames?

Kim Hyun Joong - "Puppy/Dog"

Heo Young Saeng - "Otter"

Park Jung Min - "Horse"

Kim Kyu Jong - "Gorilla"

Kim Hyung Jun - "Turtle"



Gabby said...

lolz!! I agree!

Anonymous said...

heck no Kim Kyu Jong isn't like a grilla thats mean

Anonymous said...

well, gorilla is Kim Kyu Jong's nickname made by Jungmin so it isnt mean

Anonymous said...

jaja ,,todos se parecen pero kiero alos 3 primeros pero en especial kiero el primero..jiji..atte: naycet..XD

Anonymous said...

erms, i thought JM said he's not a horse; he's an unicorn??

precious said...

hahaha.. so cute of jungmin to give nicknames to his fellow just means that they are so close together..

Janice said...

LOL! Both YS Otter and the real otter is cute...<3

I thought Hyung Jun is called 'rabbit' as well...?(Thank You For Waking Me Up)

Anonymous said...

Hello admin~ Uhmm... I just wanna ask if I can use these photos for my upcoming fanfic about them and other idols... can I?
Thanks :)

oh by the way, I really loved their animals nicknames, that's why I decided to make the fanfic >.<

Anonymous said...

amo a my otter prince wwwwwaaaaaaaaa que hermoso :O o_O XD

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