Before anything else, another batch of AnyCall gifs have cropped up at so let me just post my favorite, I call it "Leader Abducted By Aliens". For those who don't know yet, Hyun Joong has a certain affinity with aliens. It's his dream to be able to prove that aliens exist. Aww, he's such a kid at heart...

Please Do Not HotLink GIFS. Thanks.

On with the main news, I read Kim Hyun Joong will star in an upcoming episode of Family Outing, a Korean variety show which features a lot of Korean celebrites, idols, actors and actresses, and even MC's. In each episode, they choose a place in Korea where they could go on a vacation in a house (the owners of the house goes on a vacation too), and they have to complete tasks or chores that the owners give them. Each episode also includes a special guest, and this time, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong will be the special guest. Yey! Leader gets to see Lee Hyori again. Oooh, that's definitely something to look forward to. Hosts of the show are Yoo JaeSuk, Kim SooRo, Yoon JongShin, Kim JongGook, Park HaeJin, Park SiYeon and Daesung (Big Bang). Daesung had a traffic accident so Seungri (also from Big Bang) will be replacing him for the upcoming episode.

I've never seen this show, but it sounds interesting. And Leader will make it even more interesting! It is said that they're already filming, and the show with Hyun Joong will be aired on September 20 to 27. I hope Triple S YouTubers will upload the show with subs in YouTube, so we could see Hyun Joong!


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