SS501 baby pics and kid pics everyone! I'm so excited when I saw these pics, courtesy of (credits are labeled in pics). At last, I got to see the boys of SS501 back when they were really young! I know I've seen Leader Hyun Joong's baby pics before, but I've never seen the other 4 members! They look so cute!!! I can't get over how adorable they all look. Especially Little Kyu Jong and Little Hyung Jun. Kyu looks so squishy and cute in his second pic, I could squeeze him. And mini YS and Jung Min! See Jung Min's second pic, he's already smirking even as a kid! Awww... love them all! Little SS501 fighting!

Little Kim Hyun Joong

Little Heo Young Saeng

Little Kim Kyu Jong

Little Park Jung Min

Little Kim Hyung Jun

Photo Credits:, naver +
*Other credits as labeled in pics*


Lillian said...

Hey the second picture of Jungmin is actually of Baby as a baby haha

Kids tend to look alike ^^

Gabby said...

uhm~ really? what makes you so sure? ^__^

dara said...

@ Lillian

I think it has more similarities to Jung Min than HJB. Like for example, the baby has a long face and a wide chin. Compared to it's above pix(1st pix of JM), they had the same nose. Also, on his smile, you can see the older Jung Min. That's for my opinion huh.. =)

yanton9 said...

these 'pictures' are actually screen caps of a clip that was shown in one of SS501 concerts. There was a commentary as the pictures were shown in the concert, go youtube it. So, Lillian is correct.

phtriples said...

oh!! thanks for the correction guys... i'll transfer the pic to the correct SS501 member now. LOL! thanks again!

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