Most of you probably have already seen and read the SS501 interview in Taiwan, right? In that interview, the boys were asked to introduce their fellow members. I loved that part, since I've always wanted to hear what the boys think about each other and how they would introduce each other if they had the chance. So I got these mini introduction excerpts from the whole interview.

Park Jung Min Intro

Huh? Like what everyone already knows. First is our SS501 leader, Hyun Joong. He is the leader. Then our Young Saeng. He is lead vocal and have the image of a Prince, and is a little mysterious. Then is Kyu Jong. Um…he is center. From some point of view, he has a very neutral/central role in SS501. He is not biased toward anyone. Then there’s Hyung Jun. He is the youngest. He looks like a turtle.

Heo Young Saeng Intro

SS501's leader, Hyun Joong older brother. Because he's the leader and very matured man, very smart, character is very straight forward. Only looking forward, won't hesitate kind of character. This is Hyun Joong's character. Very matured man.

Then Kyu Jong, he's our centre. Always the centre point of view. he is really very forgiving. (He has a big heart) When in complicated relationships (elder & younger brothers, friendships and the youngest), his role will be the one who acts as the one who co-ordinates. The centre point of view is very well done. He's also very understanding towards others. Because of his forgiving character. How do I put it. Kyu Jong's a person who has lots of feelings.

Then, Jung Min. Sexy charisma Jung Min. Very good at bringing up the atmosphere. Because very good at that, so has a lot to say. It's not saying that he is talkative. Like his curiosity level is pretty high. He is very lively. The atmosphere gets warmed up really fast. He is this kind of friend. Wherever Jung Min goes, the atmosphere at that place and our band's atmosphere will become lively pretty much at an instant. This is just Jung Min.

Then, youngest Hyung Jun. How should I put it. He is ambitious, very hardworking - rushing forward. So, morale has always been very strong. No matter when, he's always very serious and hardworking. Has this manly side of him. But sometimes, he possess a child's character in him. Will let people feel that "no doubt he's the youngest". Hyung Jun's just such a cute friend.

Kim Hyung Jun (Baby) Intro

First is Hyun Joong brother. He is the leader. He had a fascinating performance in “Boys Over Flower” and received a lot of love. He works very hard quietly and knows how to take care of other members. That is his personality.

Next is Young Saeng brother. He is the second oldest. He and I discuss a lot about music. We always have a happy conversation whenever we discuss about music and has a great time playing around with music, so we are very close. He is like my real older brother. He is a quiet and innocent brother.

Next is Kyu Jong who is the same age as I am. He doesn’t talk much and is very innocent. When I first met him, I thought he was very mean and cold, but actually he is actually very gentle and passionate. He is an obedient/easy-going friend.

Lastly, is Jung Min. He is also the same age as I am. He is extra friendly. Not meaning that his face/appearance is extra friendly, but his personality is very friendly and mature. At home, he often washes dishes. In dorms, he also cooks for everyone. He usually offers to help others and takes good care of everyone. He is a very outgoing and interesting friend.

Kim Kyu Jong Intro

First is Leader Hyun Joong bro. He is totally a real man. He is very generous, easy to get along, and dependable. I live with him. Sometimes, he would hide and cry secretly at night. He wont tell others when he is sad about something. He'll bear the sadness himself. He has strong personality (he will not fall).

Young Saeng loves cleanliness and is good at tiding things. Why would I say that? Because he is like the mom in this group, love to cook and likes everything related to food. He is also our best singer, lead vocal.

Jung Min is the announcer/spokesperson. Because he is good in communication, he talks the most during interviews. He also talks well on stage. Whenever we visit a country, JM is responsible for learning the local language. JM is a member with very good language learning skills.

Lastly, is youngest Hyung Jun. He has a lot of interest in dancing and singing. He choreographs dances and composes songs. From a music standpoint, he is a very hardworking member. Each SS501 has our own talent and charm. I hope everyone can continue supporting us.

Kim Hyun Joong (Leader) Intro

SS501 have 5 members: Me, YS, KJ, JM, HJB. Our songs style is mainly dance, but not only dance. We also have slow and mid-tempo songs that we can perform. Idol group.


Out of all the members, Leader has the shortest introduction. And I so wanted and expected to hear most from him. Oh well, I guess that's Leader. Always unpredictable. Haha. Anyway, I think some of what the boys said about each other's personalities matches those described in the SS501 zodiac profiles, what do you think?

Translation credits: shirbogurl21 @ soompi


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