Beijing fanmeeting pictures are spreading like wildfire! Triple S fans love SS501 so much that we want to take a shot of every angle, capture every smile, record every live performance, and just preserve SS501 whichever way we can. I want to thank everyone who has taken photos of the boys and shared them generously. I feel grateful for you guys, coz even though the rest of us can't see them in person, at least we get to see them in pictures. And what nice pictures they are! Here are more solo pics from the Beijing fanmeeting and solo shots from the presscon. Love them all!

Here's a group shot from the presscon...

And a silhouette picture of Double J (Leader and Baby). Love this shot!

Picture credits: ss601, kristina, baidu china, as labeled in pics

Also here's a video from the fanmeet, which I find really cute, so I'm posting it here. Thanks to laeline211 for posting it on YouTube. It's a video of Young Saeng imitating Jung Min when he was drunk and said Happy Birthday to him.


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