August 9, 2009

SS501 And Their Elements

The First Element - FIRE
~Kim Hyun Joong~

(What do you guys think? Is the Fire element suited to Hyun Joong? Is Leader really fire driven? I think I agree... because aside from the fact that Leader has dance moves that always set the room on fire, Hyun Joong really is hard working and full of fiery passion when it comes to music, and being the leader of SS501. Anyway, let's see what the other members say about their leader...)

Kim Hyung Jun:
“Hyun Joong has glitter eyes and a manly semblance.”

Heo Young Saeng:
"His positive personality is that he is straight to the point and has great determination, if he wants something he will go after it in a 'straight line pattern' . His negative personality is the same as his positive one. Because of his determination, he will not rest until he gets it, he forgoes rest, and that effects his body. He gets sick, which is not good."

The Second Element - EARTH
~Heo Young Saeng~

(Earth is Young Saeng's element. I don't know why... but I think it's because he's down to earth and practical. And just like the earth that promotes growth, Young Saeng also wants to continuously grow in his craft... as a singer, performer, and as a person. That's why he hones his talents, like for instance, learning the piano. He also loves the good things in the earthly world, like clothes, etc. Also, he cares a lot about his image and the way he projects himself to the rest of the world. In short, he's a worldly being. So in that sense, I think Earth is suited to our shy prince as well. Let's see what the other members say about him...)

Kim Kyu Jong:
“Young Saeng sings well. He's shy and reserved when he knows there's a camera, but when he's at home, he's also crazy like the rest of us. He's just concerned of his image on-cam."

Park Jung Min:
"Young Saeng's positive side is that he looks like an idol or a prince and he is very passionate. His negative side is because he is passionate, if something goes wrong he is very disappointed and gets very depressed."

The Third Element - WATER
~Kim Hyung Jun~

(Because he's a cry baby, I think water is well suited to our Hyung Jun. He cries easily because he's sensitive and his emotions run deep, just like water. Even though Baby gets bullied the most by the other members, they still love him to death. It's just their way of showing Baby that they love him. I mean, after all, there are advantages and disadvantages to being the youngest, right? Let's see what the others think about him...)

Park Jung Min:
“Hyung Jun is really cute and winning. He also looks like a doll, so he will get a lot of attention from Japanese fans.”

Kim Hyun Joong:
"Hyung Jun's positive personality is that he has a strong desire, his negative personality is that he is very impatient."

The Fourth Element - WIND
~Park Jung Min~

(Ahh... it's the sexy devil Jung Min. Well, what can I say, I think the wind really describes Jung Min because he's easily the most carefree, flamboyant and naughtiest member of the group. He likes to pull pranks, and he's wild and reckless like the whirlwind. The wind also suits him because he's conceited, he admits that he loves himself more than anyone else. Because of his breezy and playful personality, Jung Min, like the wind, can make any situation feel fun and light. Let's read about what other members say about him...)

Heo Young Saeng:
“Jung Min is sexy and the most eloquent of us. Also, his smile is awesome!”

Kim Kyu Jong:
"Jung Min's positive side is that he is good in talking and in language, his negative side is that he is a reckless person."

The Fifth Element - LOVE
~Kim Kyu Jong~

(Sweet Kyu Jong... this guy is so sweet, and kind and caring that I don't know if he's too good to be true. Even just by looking at him, you can really tell that he's a good guy. The kind of guy that you would bring to your parents. Hehe. He has this certain aura about him that spells out GOOD, the first time you look at him, you can instantly say, "He's a good guy". He's just so adorable. He rarely gets angry and he has the biggest heart. SS501's CENTER, is indeed, the heart of the group. That's why LOVE is easily Kyu Jong's element. It suits him best. Let's see what the others say about him...)

Kim Hyun Joong:
“Kyu Jong is always concerned about others and tries hard for all.”

Kim Hyung Jun:
"Kyu Jong is too kind, he can't express anger. He could accept others to the point that sometimes other take advantage of his kindness."

The things that members said about each other are quoted from their various interviews, magazines, and TV shows.
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