“Going solo? I’ll walk till the end with my SS501 members”

Under bright light, the gloom behind gets darker too. Kim Hyun Joong acts as Yoon Ji Hoo in the KBS2 TV drama [Boys Over Flowers] and his popularity continues to rise.

Enjoying his biggest popularity since debut, be it CFs or dramas, his value has risen dramatically (T/N: From what I read on naver recently, he commands as much as 600~700 billion won per CF xD ) –a ‘Hot Icon’. But under this popularity, he has been subject to the attacks of rumours and malicious words.

Many fans are curious about this especially when it comes to his future plans – whether he’ll continue acting or go solo, his plans to go to America for studies, etc.
Since the rumors haven’t stopped, Kim Hyun Joong recently met up with Sports Dongah to clarify everything.

Firstly, on whether he’ll continue as an actor. Kim Hyun Joong expressed “Although it was tough for me since I lost as much as 8kg during the filming of the drama, acting attracts me as much as singing does”/ Therefore he plans to “take on the roles as both an actor and singer”.

Kim Hyunjoong said “I’m using this role as a base to learn more acting and want to act in a movie too” and “I want to buy the rights to the Japanese manga ‘Berserk!’, make a movie and act in it”

Secondly, he stated his stand on going solo. He just said one word – impossible.
As he gains more popularity from his drama, and has recently received more than 5 offers to act in movies and dramas, but Kim Hyun Joong said that he was deliberately not looking at the synopsis of the scripts he is interested in.

“I’ve received many offers from the drama/movie side about my next project but because we’ll be releasing SS501’s new album soon, I’ve to focus on that. If I look at the script and actually like it, I’ll keep thinking about it and I don’t want that to affect our group’s activities”

Regarding his solo activities Kim Hyun Joong said “Although I stick out a lot more because of the drama, but our group receives a lot of attention too” “I won’t carry out solo activities”

There are plans to release a solo-song collection album with each member singing a song that suits their style. SS501’s company DSP Media’s representative said “As Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity rises, the popularity of the other members also rises, so we plan to release an album showcasing each of their personal styles.” “Although we planned to release it in May, the members will not carry out solo activities” The rumour of ‘a solo debut’ was caused by a misunderstanding because of this album’s preparation.

But regarding Hyun Joong’s overseas studies, the representative confirmed “We’re now in the midst of preparing to send him to America” This is because Hyun Joong has expressed that he wants to be reborn as a serious musician.

Kim Hyun Joong said ‘I want to learn not only dance but also music other related things in America’ and also ‘I had included overseas studies in my life plan that I made long ago’.

“It was originally planned for a year but since after the drama ends this year there would be an Asia tour, I don’t know when I can go but I’d like to learn English and dancing when I go to America” “I made a plan of my life before I debuted and this was one of the things that I wanted to do so this plan must come to pass”

To this, his representative said “We haven’t decided on the date yet but it won’t be Kim Hyun Joong alone but all 5 members going to America” “Kim Hyun Joong has expressed that he wanted to stay in America for a longer period of time so we plan to let him study for a longer period over there”

Credits: SS601 + sparkskey@http://z14.invisionfree.com/Quainte


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