SS501 drew a mob of fans as they went into Gimpo International Airport this afternoon. They're leaving Seoul for Japan to prepare for their upcoming concert on August 13 at Budokan. The fans are all over them, they're so lucky they got to see the boys up close. As you can see, the boys are practically running inside the airport, as fans continue to thrust numerous gifts and letters in their hands.

Here's a fancam focused on Hyun Joong going into the airport. It might seem like he's ignoring some of the fans, but you have to understand, it's hard to accommodate everybody. Look at Leader's arms... so buff and sexy! *swooning*

And here's a fancam focused on Kyu Jong with Jung Min towards the end...

Another fancam, focusing on Young Saeng this time. Hyun Joong is also shown. Looks like Leader is in a bad mood... or maybe he's just tired. Young Saeng looks serious too...

Focusing on Jung Min... one fan shoved a letter unto his neck, some fans can be really rowdy. But I admire the fact that he's smiling and waving to the fans...

Focusing on Hyung Jun... Baby looked so serene and calm when he was strolling into the airport.

P.S. I wish they'd go to the Philippines too... *sigh* *cross fingers*


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