August 10, 2009

SS501 Gimpo Airport Pics

Pictures of SS501 at Gimpo Airport have started to populate the forums and blogs. Here are pictures of the boys, Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong (I will update this post as soon as Jung Min's pics will be available). They look awesome! I swear SS501 have the best airport pictures.

Kim Hyun Joong
Leader is looking hot and gorgeous as usual. After he showed us his killer body in their Persona concert, fans can still feel the aftereffect. Anyway, he's just as sexy with clothes on. Look at those arm muscles! Click on pictures to ENLARGE.

Heo Young Saeng

I'm loving Young Saeng's new hair, it makes him look more manly. And green looks really good on him by the way...

Kim Hyung Jun
Baby's got a handful of letters and gifts. He's cute in these pics. But look closely at his upper lip, I wonder what it is...

Kim Kyu Jong
I swear, this guy is getting hotter and hotter!

*Credits as seen on pics


marge0256 said...

I agree. Everyone's getting hotter lately. :) Esp Young Saeng and Kyu Jong :)

phtriples said...

yeah, we all know that Hyun Joong is already hot, hot, hot! but it's good to see that the other members are looking hotter everyday too! :)

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