August 10, 2009

The Dog And The Horse

Dog riding horse...

Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min. Aaaah... I look at them and I can't help but laugh at the silliness and dorkiness of these two. They are sooo hilarious! Their playfulness and craziness amuses me to no end. These two are the fun bringers in SS501. There's no dull moment when you're with them. They seem to always know how to find amusement in any situation. Leader's nickname is Dog, because his eyes resemble that of a puppy's. Jung Min's nickname is Horse, since his face is rather long and because he loves to eat carrots. SS501 members say he actually looks and moves like one. They always make fun of Jung Min's nickname, but I bet Jung Min is already used to it. He even admits it that he looks like a horse. We Triple S fans love their nicknames. We think it's very endearing. Hyun Joong is a 4 Dimensional dog whereas Jung Min is, well... a horse. The other is talkative, the other has a world of his own. Where else could you get a more unique combination?

Some narrow-minded and malicious people (anti-fans) are putting malice in their relationship. They even create video clips of them portraying or suggesting that they're gay. But the fact is, they're not. They're just naturally sweet and they're not afraid to show it. The way they move or talk sometimes can be a little feminine, but that's just the way they are. It's annoying how some people tend to put other meaning into it. But we Triple S fans are not going to listen to these detractors anyway. We all know that SS501 are comfortable with their sexualities that they don't need to pretend or hide anything. Check out this pic of Hyun Joong when he was little (Ain't he a cutie?!) Jung Min looks okay too, although his tummy is a bit bloated. Looks like they already had a harmonious relationship long before they met. Hehehe.

Young Leader riding Jung Min... LOL.

There are many clips of these two (fans call them Min-Joong or Hyun-Min) in their various shows and appearances, but I'm only including a few here. I swear, they are just so funny! Watch these short clips and see for yourself.

Dorks practicing English backstage.

An episode from M!Net where they fool around on set.

Making fake CF (commercial film) for their album.

A clip where they both play with the camera, flicking each other.

An episode from Star Real Life with Lee Hyori, where their playfulness shows.

A HyunMin clip, uploaded by bluejaymiesky on YouTube.

Credits: youtube, google images +


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