Last night, I was watching clips of SS501 from YoungStreet days, and I was inspired to write a post about it. Aside from singing and dancing, SS501 have also ventured into other forms of media and entertainment. For instance, Jung Min and Young Saeng have once been DJ's in a radio station called YoungStreet. Young Saeng, however, had some throat problems and had to undergo surgery so he was forced to give up his DJ activities. He was later replaced by Kyu Jong. Baby Hyung Jun also tried his hand in being a DJ in Music High. Hyun Joong became an MC in a variety of shows as well as a frequent visitor in Youngstreet and Music High.

Here are some photos of the guys from YoungStreet days...

And a message from YoungStreet 401, written by their directors... Click on the image to ENLARGE.

04/16 Youngstreet 401's Message -- "Thank you!"

SS501 are also frequent guests in radio stations such as Happy FM, MC Mong, Joyful Radio, DBSK's Kiss The Radio, and many more. They are just as wacky as ever on air, and they're so much fun to watch and listen to. Here are a few clips of them singing on radio live over the years...


marge0256 said...

you have links for the clips?

phtriples said...

hi marge! i included a playlist for these clips. See the mix ipod thingy? :) you can just click on the YouTube sign on the lower right corner of the screen (while the clip is playing) and it should take you right into the link in YouTube.

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