As expected, just minutes after the concert, Triple S fans already posted pictures of the Persona In Japan concert. Here's the first batch of photos... it's Jung Min, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and of course, Leader Hyun Joong.

And of course, the fab shirtless leader...

Click here to see Hyun Joong's solo performance.

While waiting for the next surge of Persona in Japan photos, in the meantime, here's an interesting news clip I found:

Just saw the news from a Korean website. All the 15,000 tickets for both concerts held in Japan today have been sold out, even the furthest of corner seats have been sold out too!!!

The first show was very successful. Hyun Joong had ripped off his top again today, and all the fans present went totally wild. The second show is already underway, hope that it will be even more successful!

Regardless of japanese singers or bands, the budokan in japan carries with it much significance. it is not an easy feat to hold a concert successfully at the budokan due to its sheer size and capacity. therefore, to be able to hold a concert here at the budokan, the performer or group will be tagged with the 'first class act' label by people both in and outside of the trade.

Therefore, no matter whether you're a rookie or a class A singer, you would be working towards the goal of 'being able to hold a concert in budokan'. so to be able to perform at the budokan really does have its important significance. and to actually do it yourself or just by your own group is a real big challenge. this is a test of the performer's popularity and ability to 'move' the market.

Even today, in the japanese showbiz and entertainment circuit, the budokan is still perceived like a somewhat sacred place, it is a concert venue with a certain, unique status.

reposted from: baidu leader bar 2009.08.13
translated into english: happiebb
credits on pics +baidu + thread Joong @ soompi


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