How I wish I could smell the SS501 Official Perfume Line, the Original Fragrance "Feel Me" perfumes. Unfortunately, it's only available in Japan, for now. But I guess if it clicks and there's great demand from Triple S fans, it will be available in other countries as well. I hope it becomes available for Triple S Philippines as well.

SS501 Original Fragrance "Feel Me" 5 Bottled Set
Limited to 500 sets.

Item Description:
Selected by each member, 5 different fragrance limited set. More worthwhile than buying each individually!! Comparing each member's view of the "type of scent we hope girls would wear" is also an interesting topic.

Set Description:
30ml EDT×5 Bottles
Hyun Joong (Leader) - "Hanul/Sky"
Young Saeng - "Byeol/Star"
Kyu Jong - "Sarang/Love"
Jung Min - "Jangmi/Rose"
Hyung Jun (Baby) - "Pada/Sea"

Hyun Joong (Leader) - "Hanul/Sky"
Releasing a refreshing unique charm, attraction with an exotic sweet scent...

Item Description:
Mint refreshing with a bit of warm coolish, active scent. Bright, clear image.
Natural exhilaration stirring up, pleasant cooling sensation brimming and without losing the refreshing scent, it changes to a calm and relaxed scent.

Top : Bergamot, Lemon, Tamarin, Spearmint
Middle : Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Ginger
Last : Musk, Amber, Sandal, Cedar, Oakmoss

Young Saeng - "Byeol/Star"
Sweet, warmth, stimulating sense together with a soothing scent...

Item Description:
The sweet warm scent wraps from the top, stimulating sense fills together changing to a comfort feeling.

Top : Chocolate
Middle: Coconuts
Last: Musk, Amber, Cedar, Sandal, Vanilla

Kyu Jong -"Sarang/Love"
Intellectual strength, fresh herb scent...

Item Description:
Fresh, soothing scent. Invigorating scent standing out, leaving a clear refreshing scent impression.

Top : Grapefruits, Lemon, Eucalyptus
Middle : Muguet
Last : Sandal, Musk, Cedar

Jung Min - "Jangmi/Rose"
Sexy with gorgeous type of scent...

Item Description:
The moment one applies it, the refreshing scent will wrap you up.
Making one feeling refreshed with a tinge of floral scent in a fantasy world.

Top : Bergamot, Grapefruits, Armoise , Petitgrain
Middle : Rose, Lily, Lavender
Last : Musk, Patchouli, Moss

Hyung Jun (Baby) -"Pada/Sea"
Refreshing, aromatic type of scent...

Item Description:
Sharp aroma balance, soothing, appealing with sweet bitterness.
Although the refreshing scent is emphasized, there's a slight floral scent suitable for adults.
Sophisticated, high quality in fine style.

Top : Bergamot, Lavender, Green note, Basil
Middle : Rose, Jasmine
Last : Musk, Cedar, Amber, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla


SS501 Official Perfume "SS501 Original Fragrance Feel Me"

- Individual bottle : 4000yen (tax included) Delivery fee of 525 yen (tax included)
- 5 bottled set : 15,500yen (tax included) (Delivery Fee Free)
* For payment on delivery, there is an administration fee of 315yen (tax included)

5 bottled set:
6 pieces of signed photocards by members + Original Package (Limited to 500 sets)

- Order Period : 13th August ~ 31st August 2009
- Arrival of Goods : 15th October 2009

They do not accept overseas orders.
Available in Japan only.
After ordering, no cancelling or any changes allowed.

For details or order, please refer to the link below,

I've just found out that it's also available in Korea now:
Click here to order online.

Original source from: DSP Japan
Translated into English: miyo @SgTripleS


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