The SS501 Persona 1st ASIA Concert TOUR In SEOUL last August 1 and 2 was a blast! And I mean it literally. The fireworks were incredible and the screams from fans are so loud you can feel the whole stadium tremble. I haven't been to the concert personally, but with all the news, pictures, videos across the Internet, I feel like I've gone to the concert for real. Of course, nothing beats the real thing, like how I wish I was there in front of Hyun Joong when he did this awesome, heart-stopping, jaw dropping, drool worthy performance of his solo track, Please Be Nice To Me.

I still can't get over how sexy he is when he's performing. Love the dance moves!!! Especially the crotch grabbing part and the jacket lowering part. Pheww! Is it hot in here or what? It would have been a thousand times better if I was able to see him up close and up front. But since I wasn't able to see and feel the heat of Leader's sexy performance in person, I contented myself to this fancam...

The quality of the fancam is very poor but still you have to admit, Hyun Jong is hooootttt!!! If you want a closer look, check out this video. To see his half naked body up close, watch it here. WARNING: If you have heart problems, you should think twice. You might not be able to stand the sex appeal of this guy. Major hotness alert!

My head is still reeling. Anyway... let's focus on the more wholesome part of the concert. SS501 opened the concert with a performance of their song DeJa Vu, one of my favorites. I'm not gonna describe in detail the sequence of the numbers, but I do have tidbits of memorable parts. Check out their concert pics...

SS501's Wet Look
You know how being drenched in water can really make someone look sexy? Well.. indulge in SS501's sexiness with these pics right here... click on the member's picture to view their wet look pics.

The concert looks like a lot of fun. The members are enjoying themselves so much as the Triple S fans celebrate with them. The energy and adrenaline is running a little high. Let's cool down a bit with these equally heart thumping performance pics and videos...

Performance Pictures:

Kim Hyun Joong (Leader)
Heo Young Saeng
Kim Kyu Jong
Park Jung Min
Kim Hyung Jun (Baby)

Confirmed Dates for SS501 appearances:
  • August 13 Persona in Japan
  • August 22 Incheon Hallyu Festival
  • August 29 Fan Meeting in Beijing
  • September 6 Boys Over Flowers Premium Event in Yokohama Japan with Go Hye Sun, F3 and T-Max
  • September 22 Beijing


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