Let's take a little break from the SS501 Zodiac Profile Series, and do a little feature on Magnae/Baby Kim Hyung Jun and how he's always the butt of SS501's jokes and bullying antics. Being the youngest of the group, Hyun Jun is pranked the most by the other members, especially Jung Min. They do it lovingly of course, and Baby seems to have resigned to the fact that he will always be the target of their bullying. I guess he has already come to terms with his position in the group and understands that it's all part of the disadvantage of being the youngest.

Out of all the SS501 members, Jung Min and Hyung Jun has the most violent and interesting relationship. Jung Min loves to torture baby so much that these two are dubbed "Tom & Jerry". They're always bickering and annoying each other every chance they get. Personally, I find their love / hate relationship amusing and hilarious. I enjoy watching them fight like children and hit each other jokingly. They're so cute and funny. But they both love each other of course, it's just that they have so much fun fighting! LOL.

But even though Hyung Jun is always bullied by his hyungs, he loves them a lot. And the members love their youngest a lot too. They always make his birthday extra special, for instance. When they have a concert and it falls on Hyung Jun's birthday, they would always do a tribute. And Baby would always cry. Also, those who have watched Idol World have seen how the other 4 members (including their manager and staff) made Hyung Jun cry on his birthday. They pranked him with a hidden camera, made him angry, then surprised him with a birthday cake, and they were all hugging and consoling him in the end. It's so sweet! The members said, "Awww, our baby cried..." They're all so silly and lovable! I don't ever get tired of watching that episode over and over again.

SS501's love for their youngest is so endearing. It's this kind of bond that makes them so strong together. And it just makes me love them even more. To wrap up nicely, I'm going to end this post with a funny gif showing the four SS501 members bullying baby. Just. Adorable.

Please Do No Hotlink GIF.


cherrybebech said...

haha..he's so cute..i love him... XD

Anonymous said...

What show is the last gif from? Thanks

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