August 19, 2009

SS501 Songs: My Top 10

Like what I said before, one good thing about SS501, is that I love almost ALL of their songs! Today, I visited a forum and I saw this thread asking for my top 10 SS501 songs. That made me think really hard, because I have all SS501 songs, but I've never really thought of my Ultimate TOP 10. There's just so many that I like!!! And it's so hard to choose just 10. But the instructions were clear. Just place your top 10 favorites. So because I had no choice, I came up with mine...

1. My Girl - I've only recently liked this. I just listened to it, and I fell in love with it. Now I play it over and over.
2. UR Man - First SS501 song I ever heard, so it will always have a sentimental value. I really love the beat of this song. It's so edgy and sexy... seductive even.
3. Gaze - They sung this song as OST for That Man's Book Page 198. I just love the melody of this song. It's like a lullaby that puts me to sleep. So soothing and mellow.
4. Lonely Girl - A duet from Hyung Jun & Kyu Jong. I love the combination of their voices! And this song has a catchy melody, love the boys' falsetto in it as well. They sung it beautifully.
5. I Am - The first time I heard this song, Hyung Jun was singing it live in a radio program. I instantly loved the funky rhythm. I especially love Baby's adlibs in this song, he looked and sounded so cool singing this.
6. You Are My Heaven - Cute song! And cute MV too! Nice beat and I love the rap and fast tempo.
7. Stand By Me - I didn't particularly love this song at first, but I don't know, it just grew on me I guess. I love the chorus especially.
8. Nameless Memory - Easily the best ballad that Young Saeng ever sang, in my opinion. And he wrote it himself! That makes it even more special. I love Young Saeng's voice and emotions while singing this song. Heart-wrenching.
9. Please Be Nice To Me - Again, love the beat! And the image of Hyun Joon ripping his shirt out while dancing to this song will forever be etch this song in my mind. LOL.
10. All My Love - I love this acapella! I love how their voices harmonize in this song. Jung Min's voice is so effective as bass. Incredible blending and harmony.

Mind you, this list will probably change from time to time. Sometimes, our mood changes and our preferences change along with the times, right? But for now, at this exact date in time, this is my Top 10 SS501 tracks. How about you? Care to share your Top 10?


marge0256 said...

Mine would probaby be:
1. Please Be nice to Me - of course who wouldn't love a HOT, TOPLESS leader, right?
2. Bye bye - the song is really nice. I love the rhythm of the song.
3. A song calling for you - I was drawn because of its videos. They're funny and all. And I like the song too.
4. You are my heaven - i read that this was actually made for the fans. I love the digital video of the song. And the lyrics is to die for too :) simple yet sweet.
4. Hey G - Baby's solo. :) Nuff said. Hehe.
5. Coward - It's lyrics gives a lot of meaning, and realizations for me.
6. We Can Fly - heard this song in the Romantic Sky Series. Then I tried to listen to the full song and the lyrics. It's pretty nice too.
7. Ur Man - I totally agree with you :)
8. Because I am Stupid - why wouldn't i love this? I love Yoon Ji Hoo so much :)
9. Radio Star - I love this song. I heard it once or twice, then I just liked it. Maybe of its upbeat melody.
Lastly, In your smile - This song really touched my heart when I first heard it. Until now, it still makes me smile after hearing it.

I agree that it might change from time to time. I have almost 80 songs of them in my iPod. I listen to them most of the time. So it might change soon, my list I guess. Haha!

By the way, kuddos to your site!

phtriples said...

thanks marge!!!

in about a week my list would have changed, i think. hahaha! i like your top 10, thanks for sharing! :)

would love to hear other triple S top 10!

marge0256 said...

I guess I'll update you too on my list. Haha! But that list I have has been suck for a few weeks already. Haha!

I'm not into ballads lately, but I'll try to listen to their ballads. I want to get hold of their new albums. I will look for those. haha!

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