Since we're missing Leader so much, and since he didn't appear in the Wonder+Full Korean Concert, we'll just have to make do with articles and news about him. But don't worry, we'll see him soon enough. For the meantime, here are articles from about our dear Leader... The 1st one gives you the chance to model and appear in CF's with Hyun Joong! Wow, whoever wins this is one lucky gal! So try your luck guys, enter the challenge. The second article is from Family Outing where Leader once again shows his 4Dness... LOL! Read on...

Take Up The Model Challenge With Hyun Joong

Hotsun Chicken will be organizing an event whereby members of the public will have the opportunity to become a model alongside spokesperson Hyun Joong.

This event will run from the 22nd till the 30 of November, and will be open for participation to everyone. Those interested in participating can do so by logging into the Hotsun Chicken website ( and filling up an application form at the events page of the website.

Successful applicants will be notified and there are a total of three prizes available for three lucky applicants, placed at 2 million won, 1 million won, and 500,000 won. They will also model for Hotsun Chicken over a two year period, as well as film ads with Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong: I Read Adult Manga

Hyun Joong recently revealed that he reads adult manga.

Hyun Joong, who was featured on a recent recording of Family Outing informed the MC that he has been reading interesting mangas lately. Upon hearing that MC Yoo asked him what manga has he read lately, to which he answered adult manga.

His response caused MC Yoo to be flustered, and Hyori also laughingly mentioned that MC Yoo also favored those type of mangas. Both Hyun Joong and MC Yoo appeared bashful at that statement.

Hyun Joong then went on to further explain that it was mangas like 'War of Money' that made him feel that he had begun reading mangas for adults, hence adult manga. His explanation cleared up the misunderstanding that both Hyori and MC Yoo had about the term adult manga.



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