Fancams are great because they let us have a glimpse of events that we can't experience in person. Thankfully, fans are so generous in sharing their footages. For those of us who haven't seen the Wonder+Full Korean Concert, let's watch these fancams of our SS501 boys...

Here's one focusing on Jung Min performing "Because I'm Stupid". His expression is so cute, especially when he forgot the lyrics. LOL. Mal is so cheerful and fun to look at, and you'll see a lot of tongue action from him throughout this clip. Although I think he's feeling nervous in this song. Don't you think?

Video uploader: yisaya86 @ YouTube

And here's one focusing on Kyu Jong during the same performance as above. It's sweet how Kyu helped out Jung Min when he forgot the lyrics and messed up his part in the song.
Video uploader: shirbogurl21 @ YouTube

And another one of Young Saeng during the same performance... look at the contrast between YS below and Jung Min above... Young Saeng is so serious and barely smiling, while Jung Min is all smiles and having fun. LOL!
Video uploader: marvie0701 @ YouTube

Jung Min doing a sexy dance... blame Kyu for hyping up the audience by saying "Park Jung Min... Park Jung Min..."
Video uploader: yisaya86 @ YouTube

Young Saeng Focus Receiving Gifts at Wonder+Full Korean Concert...
Video uploader: shirbogurl21 @ YouTube

Jung Min performing "If You Cannot"... the audio is not good, but it's sweet how the fans sang JiSun's part...
Video uploader: yisaya86 @ YouTube

More clips from shirbogurl21...
Hyung Jun "Hey G" at Wonder+Full Korean Concert
Young Saeng Focus Talking at Wonder+Full Korean Concert

And more from marvie0701...
Fancam Young Saeng - Ur Man - Wonder + Full Korea Concert
Fancam Kyu Jong Focus - Ur Man Wonder +Full Korea Concert


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