September 25, 2009

Cute SS501 GIFs And SOS Poster

I saw these cute gifs in SS501 Thailand... I just can't resist them... can you guess who is who, or do you still need captions? If you're a real SS501 fan, you don't have to guess... LOL. Aren't they cute? Kudos to the creator!

Credits: SS501 Thailand +

And here's a poster of them I just happen to come across. It's from their show SOS by Mnet. They look really good in this poster, I just had to share it. Hmmm... SS501 in the rain... nice theme.

*credit tagged in pic*


Anonymous said...

i'll try to use my "triple S powers" haha... hmmm... from left to right... Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun, Jung Min... ???

and WOW @ the poster... for some reasons, it reminds of the japanese movie, Battle Royale. ^_^

my ss501 collection was delivered today! *dances around* i smelled the cd upon opening it, and i got a strange stare from my older sister (she's 35) who also loves Leader, haha! she asked me why am i smelling it... which i don't really know how to answer, haha! ^_^ it's my first kpop-related purchase, so it's really something meaningful to me. so i smelled it? haha! ^_^

phtriples said...

hahaha! i can relate cris. i wanted to dance around too when i got hold of my purchase... it really meant a lot to me, because i love the boys. and it's my first online kpop purchase too! so don't be ashamed if you had the urge to smell the cd. we totally understand! hehe. and you got the sequence right with the gif too. bravo!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

YEY!!! *cartwheel* haha! ^_^

My current craze has not been absorbed yet by my friends though, haha! They still find it weird for someone who used to listen to rock, goth & metal, to suddenly turn her head to Kpop. X_X But I'm happy, so it doesn't really matter. I just tell them that, "I have finally seen the light..." hahaha! ^_^

Aaaaah! Can't wait to get my hands (& ears) on their other releases. SS501 has infected me, and I'm starting to get addicted, haha! ^_^

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