We know that our SS501 boys are versatile right? They are not only good in singing, dancing, acting... they can also do voice-overs! I've known from a past SS501 interview, that the boys have starred in the 2006 animation "Pi Story" (Pai Seutori), or at least their voices have. It's from 3 years ago, but for the benefit of the fans who don't know about this...

According to the Koreacontent News Team...
An animation co-produced by Korea and the USA, Pi Story ("Shark Bait") tells the story of a swordfish that loses his parents in an accident and fights against Hurling Shark to protect his lover Cordelia. Pi Story features the voices of Korean stars Park Myeong-soo, Im Chae-moo, and SS501.
Apparently, this animation has a UK version, entitled Shark Bait, with Freddie Prince, Jr. playing the main role of Pi. The movie has a Korean version as well, and that's where our maknae Kim Hyung Jun comes in as the voice of Pi. When I watched the Korean trailer, I was intrigued. I want to watch the whole animation just to listen to SS501's voices. Haha! In the movie, Hyung Jun played the main role of Pisces, or Pi for short. And the rest of SS501 (with the exception of Young Saeng) played small roles such as dolphins, clams, shells, crabs, etc. If I'm not mistaken, Leader played a perverted camera man role as a crab. LOL! Jung Min played the role of a dolphin, and Kyu Jong was a clam and a crab. They are so cute in their roles! Especially Hyung Jun! He is just adorable. He really sounds and acts like a baby here. If you want to buy the DVD of the whole movie with English subs, you can get it here.

Let me share a couple of short Pi Story clips from YouTube (thanks to fizajaemin for uploading) of SS501's voices in action. Can you distinguish their voices without knowing their character? Watch the second video if you want to see clips of their actual dubbing. Their expressions are hilarious. So fun to watch! Leader's voice is still lingering in my ear. LOL!

Video uploader: fizajaemin @ YouTube


charmedbyhyunjoong said...

I love animated films, especially finding nemo. Even more if with SS501 voices but too bad it's out of atock now at Yesasia.

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