September 25, 2009

Music High Fraud Case

In 23 Sept 2009's Music High...

Today I'm feeling a little blessed, yeah..actually it's nothing much.
In the morning manager hyung suddenly called.
He sounded very urgent, saying with a worried voice

Hyung Jun ah! Kyu Jong's not feeling very well!"

Suddenly hearing that my teammate is sick.
And it's not anyone else, it's Kyu Jong who's sick. Er...
So after I heard the news I was shocked,

"Ah...really...? (crying tone..T_T)"

Because I was too upset, all my feelings came out suddenly...
No matter what he's also my teammate, a member who's like a brother is sick, my tears started dropping.
So I cried...
I was really very upset very upset. Ah, this is major..that was what I was thinking..

They said they lied to me! Hence, I once again got cheated...I'm really... that I recall it, it's really...yeah~
Our chairman, manager hyung and Kyu Jong, the three of them discussed it, and lied to me together!!!

Kyu Jong ah! I never expected it would be you!!!

I really never imagined the chairman to do this either, our chairman, I hate you.
I really got a shock, I cried a little more after I knew I was lied to,
and through this, I also knew my true members, and feel how precious our 501 members are.
Especially like today, talking about Kyu Jong, I can better feel how precious Kyu Jong is. ^^


Credits: SS501's Music High + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜 + (English translation) SS5014ever @ WS501

Repost with full credit.

^^The article above was taken from When I saw the title of this entry, I actually thought that Hyung Jun was facing some kind of legal case for Music High! Admit it guys, when you read the title, your heart jumped a bit too right? But boy, was I wrong. It's a good thing I read the story through. I almost got fooled myself! LOL. Baby is really sweet... he actually cried when he thought Kyu Jong was sick! Awww... he loves his SS501 brothers so much. And the hyungs take advantage of it! Haha. They always make pranks like this to their youngest. But hey, that's what makes this group so adorable and fun. I miss these guys... I hope they'll resurface soon... *pouts*

And since we're talking about Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun, I'm gonna end by posting a couple of videos of their duet, "Lonely Girl". I really like this song, and their voices sound so great together. Oh, and there's also this video where they play and even sing along with this song on Music High. They're a couple of dorks off air. Hehe. Watch it here.

Video Uploader: skypoem @ YouTube

Video uploader: vivi7enne @ YouTube


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