September 18, 2009

SS501 DeJa Vu Video Montage

Don't you guys miss the DeJa Vu days? I know, I do. So I'd like to share, not one but TWO fabulously put together videos of SS501 DeJa Vu performances (thanks to charmedbykhj for reminding me of these vids). You guys have probably already seen these by now, but I had to post them here because they're THAT good. I gotta say... I'm so impressed with the people who did these. Watch the vids and see for yourself! First video is the Kim Hyun Joong version, and the second video is the SS501 version.

Video Credit: KingHyunjoong @ YouTube

Video Credit: ltstraus @ YouTube


sha filan said...

i must admit that these videos are really AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wanna learn the dance!!!!!

the fan who've done that must be super cool.... thanks for sharing!!!!

Gabby said...

wow! totally amazed!

really appreciate the one who made these vidz. thanks for sharing!!!!

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