September 18, 2009

Play SS501 Songs On Piano

Hey guys! Does anyone here know how to play the piano? I love the piano. In fact, it's my favorite musical instrument. Our boys love playing the piano too. Young Saeng, Hyung Jun and Leader, they all play the piano. Anyway, for those of you who play by notes, you'll love these piano music sheets of SS501 songs from Enjoy!

SS501- Aeinmandeulgi (Making A Lover)
SS501 - Eorinnaleh Gieok (Memories Of Youth)
SS501 - Nae Meoriga Nappaseo (Because I Am Stupid)
SS501 - Everything
SS501 - Fighter
SS501 - Geobjaengi (Coward)
SS501 - Jioolsu Ohbneun Sarang (Love That Cannot Be Erased)
SS501 - My Girl
SS501 - Sarangingeojyo (Is It Love)
SS501 - Snow Prince
SS501 - U R Man [Right Hand Only]

For more KPOP songs piano music sheets, click here. This page includes songs of 2NE1, Big Bang, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, and more! Thanks to melissa of for sharing!

To inspire you to play, here's a video of the song Because I Am Stupid, from the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack, played and uploaded by YUJEON @ YouTube. Superb playing! How I wish I had the time and energy to learn this. Haha!

If you can't read music sheets, you'll probably appreciate video tutorials more. Check out these links from smrr00 @ YouTube. She plays by ear, so if you appreciate her work, go drop comments on her YouTube page.


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