SS501 is officially coming back to Malaysia for their Persona Concert Tour. Another Asian country to be added to their roster of Asian countries to visit. Awww... I wish right now I lived in Malaysia... please come to the Philippines too!!!


09/08 [news] 7-figure high price, SS501 to hold, concert in Malaysia

Marctensia has confirmed to be the organizer for Korea's popular idol group SS501's Malaysia concert with a 7-figure high price!

SS501 who visited Malaysia on a whirlwind stop for a press conference and fan sign session, had previously prominently announced to be coming to Malaysia for a concert either this December or next January. According to a reliable source, since SS501's plans to come to Malaysia for a concert was spread, 3 organizers from Singapore and Malaysia were snatching for the organizing rights,, but finally Marctensia obtained the rights to organize "SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009" Malaysia with a 7-figure price.

Marctensia had previousl organized Sandy Lam's and Akon's concert in Malaysia. Rumors are, on the 3rd, after SS501's maanger sent SS501 back to Korea, the next day he visited Malaysia again to discuss details about the concert with Marctensia.

Equal to the price for Jay Chou
It is said in that the initial discussions, Marctensia will buy SS501's Malaysia concert with a similar price to top Chinese singers. "Its rumored that the price is close to the price for Jay Chou, just the price for SS501 alone is close to 1 million RM!" (Note: 1 million RM = 284,600 USD)

Following a successful concert on the 1st August at Seoul Olympic Park, SS501, who've debut for 4 years, also officially announced the launch of their Asia Tour, including the 2 concert that was held on 13th August at Budokan, Tokyo, subsequently they'll be holding their concert at Taipei Arena and in Singapore.

As the production company just received the stage layout for SS501's concert tour, hence there is no set date and venue yet, but generally its expected to be in mid-December, to be held before or after their Singapore concert.

SS501, who's currently extremely popular in Asia, its rumored that the management company has said that there'll be more than 100 people coming over, including SS501's assistants, make-up artists, hairstylists, concert technicians etc.

Credits: Guang Ming Daily + TripleS Malaysia + (English translation) SS5014ever @ WS501quainte501

Repost with full credits only.


marge0256 said...

There's also a schedule for HK concert I think.

phtriples said...

hi marge! yeah, i think HK is included in their list of countries to visit... although I guess we'll have to wait for the official announcement. the most important thing right now is that Leader recovers from his sickness... because there won't be a persona concert with hyun joong sick :(

marge0256 said...

I know right? But if ever, still keeping my fingers crossed, I might watch the concert in HK. I planned to watch first in Taiwan, but because of work I might need to pospone it. So I might probably watch in HK. still praying for it to happen! :)

I hope he gets better. But I guess he has no choice. 15 days will be good enough for him, because he should. he has no choice. having swine flu needs that amount of time to rest. :)

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