Kim Hyun Joong is one of those people who are really blessed with the best of everything. Good looks, diverse talents, great personality, a kind heart. We all love him as the leader of SS501, we loved him as Yoon Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers, we loved him in WGM and in his various commercials and print ads... all I can say is, this guy is extremely talented! Where can you find a guy who is ridiculously good looking, who sings, dances, acts, plays the guitar, piano, bass, drums... who is a good leader, a wonderful friend, a good son, a kind soul, who has a unique and hilarious sense of humor, an idol that so many people can look up to... all that rolled into one!!! That's Kim Hyun Joong. This guy is one heck of a versatile performer! He deserves all the popularity and success that he's experiencing now, together with his beloved SS501. Let's break down his awesome talents one by one...

The Leader Of SS501
The eldest in the group, Kim Hyun Joong is the hyung that the rest of the members look up to. He has evolved into a very professional and responsible leader.

The Product Endorser & Commercial Model
Included in his roster of commercials and product endorsements are HotSun chicken, Tony Moly, DK Softdrinks, AnyCall, Le Coq Sportif (with SS501), and so much more!

The Performer
Hyun Joong is an energetic and passionate performer. He commands the stage when he sings and dances. His facial expressions are dramatic and his moves are electrifying!

The Actor
His venture in acting as he joined BOF was a successful one. He was loved by many and although he admits to himself that he still has a lot to learn in the field of acting, many are impressed with his performance. He became even more popular after the drama ended, along with SS501.

The Ramp Model
With his flawless skin and sculpture-like looks, it's no wonder Kim Hyun Joong is always invited to participate in modeling gigs and fashion shows. He has the attitude and the stance of a model too.

The Print Ad Model
Smiling in front of a camera has become like second nature to Hyun Joong already. Look at how he projects himself in his photoshoots and magazine shoots. His eyes are so expressive!

The Pop Idol
With millions of fans, all over the world, Kim Hyun Joong has become a pop idol in every sense of the word. He has become a certified pop star (together with SS501, of course)!

The Singer & Recording Artist...
Hyun Joong's love for singing has catapulted him to where he is right now. Singing is something that he'll always keep on doing, because music is his life.

The Guitarist
When Hyun Joong was young, his dad gave him a guitar as a gift, and he immediately fell in love with it. That was the start of his love affair with music. He owns lots of guitars!

The Pianist
Hyun Joong also plays the piano, although not as much as he plays the guitar. But he sounds really good on keyboards too. His passion flows through his fingers and unto the keys, and you can hear it in the music that he plays.

The Dancer
This guy is born to dance! He's just a natural dancer. His moves flow just as smooth and natural as the air we breathe. His body is so flexible and his attitude on the dance floor is just so attractive! When he dances... I've got two words for you: SEXY and MAGNETIC.

Here's a YouTube clip uploaded by missindependent909 of Hyun Joong dancing in X-Man. Sleek!

And this is a clip that's very dear to my heart, because this is the first clip I've seen of Hyun Joong dancing. If it weren't for this clip, I would never have known how good Leader is at dancing, and I've never would have liked him in the first place. Thanks to 501bjoo for uploading this clip in YouTube! Hyun Joong is practising the dance for U R Man, one of my favorite SS501 songs. In case you're wondering, the two guys at the back are their backup dancers.

Picture credits: as tagged on images
Video credits:
missindependent909, 501bjoo



jospetrosan said...

wow...that's my fave video of KHJ too..him dancing (practicing) UR Man ...this video also took me by suprise ..I thought he's just a new actor with a gorgeous face....then saw him sing i thought least he got talent..then further looking him can play the base(anyone playing this instrument is special for me), guitar and piano..i also saw him learning the drums(my fave instrument) and learning it really fast..and i said this guy is awesome...then watch WGM made me laugh...and i thought also has great personality..that's it i'm hooked...really miss him..haven't seen any pics and videos when he return to Korea from Japan (BOF FM)

phtriples said...

i know... it's really frustrating to be guessing what his condition is. i hope we can have some good news or pictures showing that he's okay... i love that you appreciate the video as much as i do... though i can't find any pictures of Leader playing the drums, if you find one, toss it to me so i can post it. Ayt? Thanks jospetrosan!

Anonymous said...

I'm originally a rock n' roll chick, but Leader made me expand my taste in music after hearing their songs. It also came to me as surprise when I found out that he used to play bass guitar for a band when he was younger. And more, he likes rock music! It's not really something you would expect from a boy group member... But whoaaa!!! I was totally blown away with this man's multiple talents.

a N i S a H said...

i love this post^^
100% agree with you
he great in everything
but i don't know that he can plays drum
that my fav video also ... i can see his passion when dancing
i miss him since no pic/video after BOF events @ Japan

phtriples said...

@cris-alisasis: i love the fact that he's multi-faceted. it's impossible not to like him with all his talents, and personality and good looks to boot! :)

@anisah: we all miss him... and we're all worried about him. i hope we can have some good news soon!

jovelyn said...

I love this post, very details of KHJ's extreme talents. Me, too I didn't know he has so many talents when I first saw him in BOF. I'm was so surprised to see him dancing like that.

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