September 7, 2009

Hyun Joong Is Back In Korea

Leader is back in Korea, but he's not getting better. I felt really sad when I read this...


This few days a lot of us have been worried about Hyun Joong almost fainted (in Malaysia) and down with fever (in Yokohama). All of us have been worried whether he has recovered, whether he is healthy. I don't know much, but this is the information I received.

Hyun Joong is back to Seoul at 11am today. it is not confirmed whether he did go home, but to a patient, at least being back to his country, it would be a relief. We can only think in the positive side.

His condition has stabilized. But his health is still poor. It might be caused by long term fatigue. He needs to recuperate and rest. In reality, I guess it is almost like impossible, after the short rest, he would still need to go back to the battle field.

About the Press conference on 9 September, the proud DSP refuse to reveal anything. They do not want to let the fans know too much about SS501 schedule. Sorry I can't tell you much about this.

Someone say we should protest in front of DSP..... I don't know where is DSP door - -

Everyone's anger and displeasure could be felt everywhere. However there is nothing much we could do, all we could do is to give him our support (although it also can't bring him health). But this is what we could do, isn't it? During this time, please keep calm and remain sober, lets quietly wait for further information.

Now, please continue to support SS501 activities, whether the Taiwan or Shanghai Concert or the Thailand concert in December, let's try our best. When Hyun Joong is fighting his battle with his sickness, we use our action to give him comfort, let him know our love to him, hope that he will be even more stronger!

I believe, in near future, his smile will be as bright as usual.


This is insane. A person's body could only take so much. Leader needs to rest! DSP should give Hyun Joong time to recuperate or else his condition is just going to get worse! Triple S, let's all pray for Leader's health, and that hopefully, he'll recover soon.

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cris-alisasis said...

I'll be including Leader in my prayers. I know he will get better soon. I just hope his mind & body will get the sufficient rest it needs.

phtriples said...

Thanks Cris! We all can't wait to see Leader up and about and healthy again! :)

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