Okay, get ready for some serious eye candy. Kim Hyun Joong photos from Stories of Four Flowers (SOFF) Photobook have been released, and all I can say is wow! Check out these wonderful pictures, don't forget to ENLARGE, click on them and open them in new tabs so you could appreciate them more. Can't get over how beautiful Leader is...

Look at his close up shots... sigh... he's like a perfect walking sculpture...

Leader working on a ranch! If someone as good looking as this worked on your ranch, what would you do?

Interacting with animals on the farm... cute!

I love seeing his ruffled and playful look... he can be charming without trying to.

Hyun Joong looks so classy and handsome, I swear he could be in the cover of GQ Magazine, and it would be sold out!

For more pics from the F4 photobook, click here.

And here's the SOFF trailer posted on KoreanAein channel in YouTube.

Credits: khj0606.com, kinghyunjoong.com + triplesphilippines.blogspot.com
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