I've been wanting to do a post about Leader's 4Dness, but I wasn't sure I could do him justice. Thankfully, this article came out! This explains Kim Hyun Joong in detail, how he's got a 4D personality and more... a must read! (Note: Thanks to Mini UFO for the English translation, I hope you don't mind me fine-tuning the grammar and typos a bit. ^_^)



How many are there that deeply fell in love with the white horse rider, "national sunbae" Yoon JiHoo in "Boys over Flowers", and how many are obsessed with the Korean group SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong on stage.... idol's existence, originally is for admiration and indulgence.

But Kim Hyun Joong said: "Don't fantasize about me, I am just a legend."

29 August 2009, ZhaoYang Stadium, on SS501 Beijing Fan Meeting's stage, when he used the perfectly normal expression and blurted this popular China internet classic quote, causing the entire audience to shriek in high decibels and burst into laughter. Alien mentality erupted again? At that moment, most people think like this. But is it really true? This 24 year-old Korean Idol Kim Hyun Joong, when compared to the other idols in his country, what is the unique character that caused him to become a "legend"?

The birth of legend: Which star are you from?

To be frank, before Korean version of "Boys over Flowers", when mentioning the name "Kim Hyun Joong", it is not a well known name even in Korea, not even mentioned in China. The Kim Hyun Joong at that time, is only a boy band group SS501's handsome leader. If you really want to add an attribute in front of this title, okay then, 4 dimension (Note: The real world is a 3 dimension world, 4 dimension denotes another non existence expand. In the Korean entertainment sector, 4 dimension is used to describe a person having a unique, strange and unrestrained thinking.) or more direct, ET (Note: Alien).

All the while, Korean idols are like dolls that do not consume human food, being beautifully packaged, placed in the window display for people to admire. But Kim Hyun Joong is definitely not like this. Year 2005, when he debuted at 19 years old, he was like a wild horse that ran around unrestrained. Having the "Country No 1 bravery, World No 1 abnormal"'s fearless spirit, he created a brand new style in Korean idols. In the variety show which recorded the members' daily lives "Thank You For Waking Me Up", no matter what means the host and members tried, Kim Hyun Joong was forever the last to wake up. When being asked his opinion, he would complain: (After watching the broadcast, then realized) I don't have a lot of air time, when I opened my eyes, the show ends."

And in one of the episodes in "Thank You For Raising Me Up" variety show, he was just like a full of freedom gourmet cook, while cooking he started to rant: (Holding a mineral water) "This is not normal water, it is water melted from south pole's ice cap. An acquaintance of mine, he brought this back for me when he went there for research."

(Again, holding a carrot) "This is also not a normal carrot, it is very precious, it will only grow 1cm each year. Please look at this, it looks like a chicken egg, but it is actually an eagle egg, and it is not a normal eagle egg, it is the endangered species of eagle - Bald head eagle's egg."

When the host pointed at the cucumber and asked discretely: "What about this cucumber?" He answered naturally: "It is a normal cucumber, at least I must prepare one normal item right?"

At that moment, how many audiences was like the host, kneeled down defeated in front of the television. From then on, every time Kim Hyun Joong has any additional amazing quotation or frequently performing his 4 dimensional acts, everybody will quietly cry in their heart thinking: "Kim Hyun Joong, which star are you from?"

Mystical "Boys over Flowers" and Yoon JiHoo

Now when mentioning about Kim Hyun Joong, it's hard to NOT associate it with "Boys over Flowers". All you can say is: life encounters are always so marvelous. Some seek high and low yet not unable to find the entrance, but some, unintentionally become successful.

In the Korean entertainment circle, when a singer goes into acting, most of the time he would not be well recognized. Especially idols, they just need to have a beautiful face, dancing in the stage, and 'catching' the hearts of young girls. In short, there's no need of connotation, and also technical substances. Withstanding such pressures, he began his 1st official drama, which was filming of the highly anticipated "Boys over Flowers", the level of pressure was unimaginable.

Although acting in the popular variety show "We Got Married" had gained him lots of popularity and after "Boys over Flowers" was broadcasted, his popularity increased rapidly. Although "National Sunbae" Yoon JiHoo overnight he became the perfect vision in most girls' hearts. Although receiving such crazy infatuation and gaining both fame and fortunes, he could not run away from accusations like "acting skill to green", "unworthy of the role", etc.

Facing all the critiques, it is not easy to keep his cool even how magnanimous the person is. But Kim Hyun Joong, after reading postings on internet like "Kim Hyun Joong's mind is problematic", he actually replied "Agreed". To him, the most unacceptable thing is actually praising blindly.

Kim Hyun Joong Incomplete Profile

Name: ้‡‘่ดค้‡(Kim Hyun Joong)
Nickname: Golden Dog Cow (Character like dog, but eyes are as big as a cow)
First love: Primary 6 (It was known when broken off, he cried for a whole day)
Horoscope: Gemini
Height/Weight: 182cm/60kg
Like: Skull patterned accessories
Hate: Sea (Since young, because there are sharks), insects, couple tee (because he doesn't like to show his feelings)
Favourite color: Black
Life motto: Only live life once.
Good point that would not lose to anybody: Passionate, confidence, bold
Ways to relieve pressure: Sleep
2005, November 27, SS501 won MKMF Best New Comer Award
2005, December 29, SS501 won SBS Best New Comer Award
2005, December 31, SS501 won MBC Best New Comer Award
2006, November 25, SS501 won MKMF Best Dance Team Award
2006, December 29, SS501 won SBS Gayo DaeJeon Netizen Popularity Award
2008, March 4, SS501 won Japan Gold Disc New Comer Award
2009, February 27, "Boys over Flowers" acted as Yoon JiHoo, won 45th Paeksang Arts Award Most popular Male Actor Award
2009, May 23, won 2009 Korea Junior Star Awards New Comer Award

3 wishes most wanted to fulfill:
1. Korea football won in World Cup
2. SS501 won big awards
3. World peace

Wish before retirement: Earn 22 billion won
Others: love rock music, buy his own instruments and build his own music workshop at Kangnan.

Behind the legend: A Rough And Real Kim Hyun Joong

"Personality charm" these 2 words, seems to feel too heavy weighted when used on a 20-something young man. If the Yoon JiHoo in drama was too perfect to exist, then the Kim Hyun Joong that gave such an honest statement: "In the beginning, I dislike SS501", definitely feels more real.

Kim Hyun Joong in the eyes of SS501 members:

Kim Kyu Jong: Our leader is very charming, especially when on stage.

Park Jung Min: He is a person that do not disguise/cover up, whether in public places or in his personal life.

Kim Hyung Jun: Leader is charming, but he also has his awkward moments.

Heo Young Saeng: Very cool.

"I am nothing, I am only being illuminated by lights now."

Reporter: Have you worked in many jobs?
Hyun Joong: Deliver Pizza, deliver fried chicken, and also deliver newspaper, I have also did daily-paid part time work before. My life is far more rough and rotten that what you had seen. (Smile) Until now I had never asked for pocket money from my parents.

Reporter: When everybody commented about your acting skill, what is your reactions?
Hyun Joong: I will accept the comments. Even my fans, I also don't agree with them for blindly complimenting me. If you truthfully treasure a person, you should not hesitate to even speak nasty words to the person, so that he will grow.

Reporter: In Korea, is it very hard to be an idol star?
Hyun Joong: It depends on the person. I have full freedom and live without caring about the fans' view. Although there are some fans who would wait at the hostel, sometimes I would scold them and chase them back home. They might regret that they like me in future when they grow up, therefore, I had treated them coldly.

Reporter: Have you regretted dropping out from school?
Hyun Joong: Without a secondary school qualification you can't do anything. No matter where you go, you are labeled with a drop out student sticker until 17 years old. Korea is still a country that emphasize on ability, comparing to other developing countries it is still far off.

Reporter: What kind of son are you when at home?
Hyun Joong: A son who is cold in speech. "Thank you", "Love you" kind of speech will never be spoken. When young, I was caught because of group fighting, my parents were summoned to the police station a few times, my mother who was faultless became a sinner because of me, I will treat her well in the future. That is something that I regret and feel guilty about, I have been wanting to repay/compensate her back.

Reporter: Wherever you go, you are in the limelight, how is the satisfaction?
Hyun Joong: Popularity? It is useless. Looks good, looks charming, looks like being supported, but one of these days, all these would be gone. I am nothing, just being illuminated by lights now.

Continuation of Legend: Universe Star Kim Hyun Joong

31 March 2009, Kim Hyun Joong together with 5000 Asian fans and SS501 members, enjoy his life 1st drama "Boys over Flowers" final episode. This special and meaningful fan meeting event was named: "Goodbye, Yoon JiHoo; Thank you, Kim Hyun Joong". Sending off the glittering lime light from the "National Sunbae" Yoon JiHoo, he is still that 'out of the line' leader in Korean group SS501. Although some members mentioned that: "Since our leader acted as Yoon JiHoo, he became more gentle."
Debuted for more than 4 years, from Korea to Japan, and expanding... it led to world Asia, being scrubbed by time and accumulation of experience, the once free and unrestrained little wild horse, has shown more of the "leadership" character. But don't get happy too fast, you will realize very quickly, at one moment he was showing his official smile to the camera, the next second, he had already started examining his mic, dismantling it, and after that seems to enjoy it very much.

Being ineloquent, he told fans...

3 March 2009, before "Boys over Flowers" ended, Kim Hyun Joong left a note in SS501 official website, using his usual title of a long string of dots.
"I once mentioned before, I want to work hard so that you would not feel ashamed, but I am still far off from this target. Now, it is just the beginning..... Although I don't know whether we would become the Universe Star SS501, but, don't you want to be the fans of the hardworking Universe Star? I will work hard, wait for me. Also, next year, during the encore concert, I will treat you hot cake (Note: The pancake which Yoon JiHoo make in "Boys over Flowers")...... Anyway, it will be bought by me. (Followed by a string of laughing symbol using hangul)"

Maybe when SS501 hold their Asia Tour Concert in China next time, Kim Hyun Joong's legendary quote will be changed to a new version --

"Even when I am not on earth, earth will have my legend."

Kim Hyun Joong 4D Quotes Collections

1. When being asked whether he made any mistakes during performance, Kim Hyun Joong: "Should be called BingXu New Year, but I call it Xu New Year" (Sorry this one I really don't know how to translate this, it is about the name of the year of the new year)

2. When asked if being scouted by other management companies, Kim Hyun Joong: "Even giving me 100 billion I also refuse. Refuse without any reason. It is fate that brought 5 of us together, this fate is more valuable than 100 billion!"

3. When asked about the close friendship among members, Kim Hyun Joong: "As times goes, people started to know us, they will observe all our moves, so we seldom go out to play, since 5 of us will always play together in the room, over time, we became closer."

4. In fan meeting, Park Jung Min: "How many fans came today?"
Kim Hyun Joong: "Very difficult to say, signing pen or light stick level?" (Note: In Korean "Pen" & "Fan" has the same pronunciation"

5. During the 1st day of debut, in the high rise building stage, Heo Young Saeng went across the barrier and looked down, Kim Hyun Joong: "Ah, you would fall down! What would happen if you are dead before the debut?"

6. When asked why they do not hold their activities in USA but Japan, Kim Hyun Joong: "Although we also want to have our events in USA, but we're scared we will be shot there."

7. Year 2007, when just starting their promotion events in Japan for not long, reporter asked: "How's the Japanese level of Park Jung Min?"
Kim Hyun Joong: "About Kindergarten level"
Reporter: "That's not bad!"
Kim Kyu Jong: "Not long ago he participated in a talk show."
Kim Hyun Joong: "So it means not long ago Jung Min already attended kindergarten school."

8. Reporter: "To you, what is the meaning of "4 Chance"? ("4 Chance" is a song in their album)"
Kim Hyun Joong: My life 4 life encounters. 1st is meeting Heo Young Saeng, 2nd is meeting Kim Kyu Jong, 3rd is meeting Kim Hyung Jun, 4th is eating Jajangmyun

9. On the way to one of the events, Park Jung Min: "Why are you here?"
Kim Hyun Joong: "I sleepwalk from home to here."

10. Before "Melon" concert, when asked what are his worries, Kim Hyun Joong: "Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, seems like there is a lot to prepare, Kim Kyu Jong, have you prepared anything?"

11. When seen a woman picking pearl in the sea, Kim Hyun Joong: "What do you do if there's a shark?"

12. Park Jung Min: "He is very abnormal."
Kim Hyun Joong: "What? A patient? Fish will also fall sick. If you go down to around 1000m under sea level, you would be able to see sick fishes."

13. "M! Pick" host asked Kim Hyun Joong why he was fondling Park Jung Min's stomach. Kim Hyun Joong: "I always fondle Park Jung Min's stomach, because this stomach is going to give birth to a baby in future."

14. In year 2008 interview, the host asked about each member's role in SS501 new song "Song calling for you" MV. When introducing Park Jung Min scene in a white room, acting as an angel, Kim Hyun Joong: "That doesn't look like heaven, it is like a Mental Hospital."

Sohu Entertainment + Baidu Kim Hyun Joong + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com + triplesphilippines.blogspot.com



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