September 6, 2009

SS501 As Girls

I've had these pictures in storage for a while, so I decided to make a post out of it. I know these pictures are pretty old. It's from SS501 concert where the boys performed "To My Boyfriend" by fin k.L. Young Saeng looks really cute as a girl, doesn't he? And he looks like a real one too! Look at the way he moves, so cute and sexy. Look at the legs... LOL.

Leader is so pretty, isn't he?

Awww, Tom and Jerry... so sweet!

^Hyung Jun and Jung Min in one of those rare moments that they're not fighting. LOL.^

Double HJ! Fighting!

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng! Even though dressed as a girl, Kyu Jong still looks manly. LOL. Peace!

Here's the video clip from the concert posted by abhihita in YouTube.

I love how they're having so much fun performing this, they were laughing the whole song (Leader's laugh is so audible, especially towards the end). It always brings a smile to my face watching this. ^_^

*Credits: as tagged in pics*


Gabby said...

hahaha I love this video, they all look like a girl (even prettier) except for kyu joongie who still looks and moves like a man.. lolz

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