September 6, 2009

Leader Hyun Joong Is Sick!

I knew it! I knew that with all the pressures and fatigue SS501 is experiencing with their super hectic schedules, it's bound to take a toll on them. And now Leader is sick! Read the news...


[Yokohama Japan] According to DSP Japan this afternoon, SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong had sign of fever, sore throat and flu since midnight, 6 September. He was currently resting in Yokohama Intercontinental Hotel after taking his medicine. The reason of the flu was caused by overly fatigue after joining the Japan "Boys over Flowers" Fan Meeting. Therefore, he could not participate in the Japan press conference which was originally scheduled. However, he would attend the "Boys Over Flowers" Fan Meeting as scheduled.

According to related personnel, "Although Kim Hyun Joong is not feeling well, but since he has promised his fans, he has to fulfill his promise to them. He has shown his determination over this. Tonight, Kim Hyun Joong will definitely use his willpower to show his best performance."

Leader is so professional and so determined at the same time. I just wish he'd take better care of himself. I know he doesn't want to disappoint his fans, but he should also know that we'll be more worried if his condition gets worse. Leader, you should just rest! We'll understand if you can't attend a few of your activities, as long as you get better! Aww, I wish he gets well soon...

Credits:, China Baidu, (Eng translation)
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Gabby said...

Poor leader, I knew it might happen again. It happened before due to his hectic schedules on the drama and concerts. Well, leader is very determined, he won't stop until he get it.

phtriples said...

yeah... he's really worried he might disappoint his fans... but i hope he knows we care about his health too!

Anonymous said...

i hope leader will regain his strength very soon.

Love Cafe said...

azaazaa fighting...Hope he recover soon..Take care Leader

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