September 7, 2009

SS501 Interview In YG Magazine

Here's another magazine feature for the boys of SS501. I don't know which date the mag is from. But I enjoyed reading this interview... Leader does it again... I just love the way he answers questions, so out of this world! Haha!

When We Open Our Hearts...

HJL- I don't mind people calling me weird when I can give everyone happiness! I wish I can go to the universe and make sure that aliens do exist.
HJB- I've very concerned about how people look. whether is it mine or others, so I self-assumed i'm part of the "how you look" club! Because I am a perfectionist.
YS - Many say I'm a emotional person, i agree! so when I fall in love, i'll give it a 100%!
JM - many say i have "prince" disease (?), its correct! I've tried locking myself in the toilet, stared at the mirror and say this to myself "you look too gorgeous, I feel like putting your face on the wall~"
KJ - On the inside, I really wanted to express myself, just that i don't usually do that, maybe one day I'll show you guys my "power"!

Our flaws..

HJL - people say I'm a perfect prince. but in actual fact, I'm scared of bring tickled, so don't ever do that to me. And, I'm scared of dragonflies, even its around me, must inform me immediately!
KJ- In the past, the members used to say that I speak really soft, when I fall asleep & wake up the next day, I always don't know who is beside me, & there were times where even i myself don't know why am i sleeping here! ha~
YS- when I don't speak, people thought I am "cold:. whenever i realized the camera's shooting me, i'll get shy, then I wouldn't know what to say. Actually, I don't know why i'll feel nervous. when I get nervous, it can be seen on my face~
JM - the member say i wear weird socks, did i? there was this time on a programme, the members kept saying I like to spend money, actually, I only like to spend on food, also, I always treat people meals! main point, I don't know what flaws I have, so i guess this is my greatest flaw!
HJB - I think I'm a crybaby, no choice~ as long as the fans treat me well, send hand-made cards, I'll feel very touched & I'll feel like crying. (JM- at home, he's very lazy, he doesn't do anything, not even cook!) that's because someone will be cooking, I'm responsible for eating! haha~

Who are you in your member's eyes...

Kim Hyun Joong has a 4D character, but on the inside, he's very matured. he's our role model, & a good leader. He's very manly, even if he's upset, he wouldn't drop a tear in front of us. Very caring towards the fans, I believe he'll be very nice to his girlfriend.

Park Jung Min, has a lot of expressions, he loves to smile/laugh. He has a sharp tongue, but it's actually very funny. he's good at talking, not afraid of strangers & has fast reactions. It feels like he can make friends easily. He keep saying that he is very handsome & rich, have sexy charisma!

Kim Kyu Jong, quiet & a little introverted, takes him quite sometime to open up. Usually he would sit there quietly, not very good at expressing himself. on the inside, he's very kind-hearted & gentle. He's our "center". when we quarrel, he'll always be the one to stop us! recently, he's becoming more daring, always showing off the "handsome"-side of him. no wonder more & more people are loving him!

Kim Hyung Jun, he's someone we must have. As long as he's around, you'll never feel bored. youngest in the group, but he have the liveliest character. He always quarrel with jung min, he's really like a lively baby! He's a sweet talker. to him, the fans are his center! Even if dance training was tiring, he's still energetic! its like he don't feel like sleeping at all!

Heo young saeng, very filial & shy. when he talks sometimes, it sounds like a girl. He even follow the dance moves of girl bands. he's a great listener, very loyal and responsible. High vocals in our songs is nothing to him. the only flaw in him is the lack of confidence!

THE thing I really wanna share!

HJL - being a singer, we've met with a lot of embarrassing moments, but the most unforgettable one is: when SS501 just debut, KJ & I went to a bath house. when we're in the shower room taking our tops off & the mid of taking our pants off, a fan suddenly came with a paper and said " please sign for me!" in the end, we signed for that fan in embarrassment. so now you know why we no longer visit bath houses! ha~

KJ - recently, i've helped 2SHAI with a MV. Having the sense of acting as the male role alone. after shooting, I realised how difficult acting is. After looking at HJL, acting, on the inside, I have the urge to act too. I've never missed an episode of "Boys Over Flowers". One of the lines left a deep impression on me, so I purposely went to copy it! In actually fact, HJL & yoon ji hoo have a completely different personality. so he did his best to act, and now, he is recognised! he's really good~

HJB - In the previous album, we had to show out topless body and take photos, isnt it? but the cover picture, only the shoulder could be seen. When we're shooting, we took off our top completely. we were worried about showing our body, luckily it wasn't shown! ha~ we will continue to work hard & exercise, to show you our beautiful upper body! I would like to ask all of you, if we were completely naked, would it be better?

JM - before going to Taiwan, I was worried that not much fans would welcome us. Unexpectedly, when we got off the plane, we were immediately welcomed by a lot of fans. I felt really touched. Initially, we wanted to walk out of the airport as 5 together, but because of the over-whelming fans, the 5 of us split up. it was really shocking~ ha~

YS - The reason i don't really like to talk was because i don't have the technique. the members claim that it was my stage appearance, but it wasn't! I really wanted to speak. I'm very happy that HJL and JM were recognised when they went on a drama and a musical respectively. Being together as SS501 again, its really happiness to me. What i really wanna hear now is "SS501 IS A POWERFUL BAND!"

The kind of girlfriend we want...

HJL - A girl who wears a shirt & a skirt. In the relationship i wished to have, couples don't have to use mushy words. Treating each other like friends, makes one feel comfortable. I don't mind her wearing slippers, we can even date on a supermarket, and drink soju and eat sashime! Language is not a barrier, whats important is the feeling of love~
KJ - I like girls with broad shoulders, & a girl who will shout out my name. Short hair, big round eyes, a little round face. I'll bring her to my favorite food place & eat ja jiang mian (ja jiang mee). it'll be good if we can eat it together!
JM - I like girls that are smart, humorous, filial & can accept my personality. In the past, I used to have a nickname called "Spendthrift kid", so i hope she would be someone who is good at controlling finance! girls that can shout " I LOVE SS501" are likable too!
HJB - I admire girls that focus on career, and works hard in whatever she does. For example, BoA. she has to be filial, her sexiness makes my heart explode! But, I still hope that my the other half would be kind, generous, gentle & a pretty girl.
YS - I really like girls that wear caps, wearing a training suit. Character wise, she has to be good, cute, smart, & understanding, just like Song Hye Go, Moon Geun Young, who is pretty & gentle.

Credits: Huixin884@quainte + Latigre@soompi +


cris-alisasis said...

"Language is not a barrier, whats important is the feeling of love~" ---> awwww.... :)

phtriples said...

i know you and i both agree with him, right cris? ;)

cris-alisasis said...

absolutely! *winks*

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