September 7, 2009

SS501 Are All Christians!

Some readers have been asking whether SS501 are Christians or not. And what religion are they? To answer you guys, yes... all SS501 members are Christians! I know that Leader Kim Hyun Joong is Roman Catholic. But I don't know about the other 4. All I know is they're all Christians. And they're not ashamed to show it either. That's one other thing that I like so much about them. Look at them sporting cross necklaces and earrings... Click on pics to ENLARGE.

I just realized that among the members, Jung Min is the only one who doesn't wear earrings! I wonder why...

You can get Kyu Jong Style Cross Earrings and Young Saeng Style Cross Earrings in YesAsia.

*Credits: as tagged in pics +*


Anonymous said...

It made me love them more when I knew about this. :) God Bless SS501!!! :)

phtriples said...

Yeah!!! And God Bless all Triple S! :)

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