October 7, 2009

Kim Look-Alikes

Is it just me, or do you guys also notice the striking similarity between Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong? I look at them both in their various shows and appearances, as well as pictures, and I swear, there are times when I actually mistake one for the other! Look at these pictures, and tell me if you don't think they look alike. Of course, the tags in the pics give them away, but without the tags... at first sight, which picture confuses you the most?

1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
11 12[5lw1he.jpg]
13 14
16 17

Credits: as tagged in pics + triplesphilippines.blogspot.com



marge0256 said...

OMCHEE. the 2 favorites of mine. Thanks so much for posting this.. HOT! :D

Anonymous said...

It happened to me too when I just started to know SS501...! :) There are couple times I thought that was Hyun Joong but actually was Kyu Jong!

phtriples said...

i know right... they have the same facial features. LOL. you're welcome marge... :)

eee said...


there's still the le coq sportif picture where Kyu and Leader were both wearing dark coloured tops... the have similar hairstyles there too! really look alike... haha :)

Cris Alisasis said...

If I didn't see the BOF parody in youtube, i'd definitely mistake pic#4 for Leader. Kyu Jong at pic#10 resembles Leader so much! They're sporting the same hair style, which fooled us even more haha!

marge0256 said...

@phtriples Lately, because leader was absent, I have been liking kyu a lot. My friend was worried I might be a kyu convert. I didn't believe her at first when she told me that kyu and Leader looked a lot like each other. But THANK YOU to these pcitures, now I know one of the reasons why I liked kyu. haha! He's really adorable.

Both of them have this mystery in their eyes and faces, which makes girls fall and die for them. :)) Many many thanks again!

jovelyn said...

Yeah,sometimes they look alike especially on side view. But you just know it, if it's HJL or Kyu.

phtriples said...

@marge: i can relate! i'm actually torn between kyu and leader. originally, i like leader the most, but when i got to know kyu, he's really starting to warm my heart. he's such a sweetheart. and he's looking hot every time i see him. he's actually catching up to Leader status! hehe.

@jovelyn: yeah, especially triple s fans, we just know. ;)

@cris: i think #4 is really the most confusing of all. they look exactly alike in that pic. :)

gateway2adventure said...

hahaha it fooled me on #10.. i thought it was leader... lolz!

marge0256 said...

@phtriples I know right? :) Kyu has this innocent, yet sexy charm with his smile, face, looks, and gestures. He gets hotter actually. And I agree. He's actually living up the status of an Idol, like Leader's coz Leader's is actually given. But as I see him recently, it just shows :) both of them don't really see themselves as these sweethearts, and these Idols that we can fall and die for. :)) They are so just being who they really are. Which makes me fall for them even more.

But I know Leader is still my first love. But at times. It just caN't be helped.. Oh kyu :) And Oh my Leader :)

phtriples said...

Leader will always be my first love too! But at times... you're right, it can't be helped. :) Kyu has just blossomed into a gorgeous MAN! And according to Triple S who have seen him in person, he's even more handsome than in the pictures! He has this magnetic aura about him that just makes me weak in my knees. :) Haha!

But still... Leader still occupies the top spot in my heart. A few inches below is Kyu. LOL! But what the heck, I love em ALL!!! :) Hehe!

gateway2adventure said...

Kyu is getting hotter these days and improves a lot in maturity & looks. But he's always my 2nd, 1st to leader because I don't like much the "nice guys". Yea, he's sweet and nice but I like leader's personality more where you can always be on challenge and on bet. Where he can makes you laugh in his 4Dness and never gets bored.

phtriples said...

@gateway2adventure: yeah, leader is hilarious alright. there's just no dull moment when you're with him. but kyu is a sweetheart. and so adorably cute too! Remember the teddy bear? haha! And he's the sweetest. The girl who's lucky enough to be his girlfriend would definitely be showered with kisses and hugs and cuddles. Awww... those boys are really one of a kind, aren't they?

And you're right cris, they don't act as if they're BIG IDOLS, they are just themselves, which makes us all love them even more!

marge0256 said...

@phtriples I knoww!! Kyu is just getting hotter these days.. the boys are becoming men already. they're sizzling! don't you think? :)

also, I agree with you with the fact that it just cant be helped. But Leader will always be first, he always has this different side to offer that we think we know, yet we really do not know at all., and then we anticipate and expect what will happen, and he will surprise us with something out of the blue :)

These IDOLS are just so adorable and to die for, because they're not big headed, they're famous but still know how to treat others especially their fans well. They're hot and young and girls fall for them but they don't really acknowledge it, because for them, they're just being true to themselves.

And this is the reason why I love them so! :) I hope to see them soon! :))

*you're right, according to some TSPH who went to HK to see him for the fanmeet, said Leader is just too good to be true. And each and everyone of them is really gorgeous and attractive in person :)

phtriples said...

very well said! i agree with you 501%! hehehe. that's what separates them from all other idol groups. they're not just talented and good looking, they have wonderful personalities as well. i hope to see them soon too! :)

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