October 7, 2009

SS501 Leaving Qingdao

According to China TS, the boys took the the 2:50pm flight back to Seoul this afternoon. It's 4:30 pm now so I guess, they've already landed. You know what I'm wishing for right now? I wish it were just like the old days where we get to see SS501 operating behind the scenes. Like in their previous reality shows... we got to see them play with each other, Jung Min teasing Hyung Jun, Leader cracking jokes... I miss that! I miss their interaction with each other offstage. Like for instance, it would have been nice to see what they're doing in the hotel when they're not performing... their playfulness... awww... it's the little things you often miss. Don't you guys miss that? I hope they create a reality show soon.

Oh, back to SS501 leaving Qingdao, here's a fancam of the boys leaving the hotel and off to the airport.

Video Uploader: shirbogurl21@YouTube

Fancam focusing on Baby arriving at Incheon Airport from Qingdao...
Video Uploader: shirbogurl21@YouTube

And finally, some pictures...

Leader and Jung Min on the run... LOL.

Jung Min being playfully silly, he displayed the white roses and toy horse from Triple S out the window of their bus. LOL.

Pictures of Leader chatting with Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior in the departure hall of Qingdao.

Credits: as tagged on pics + Baidu


Cris Alisasis said...

Run Leader, Run!!! Haha! That was funny. ^-^

Is that Young Saeng covering almost half of his face with his white hoodie? *points to the man at the back of Hyung Joon*

phtriples said...

haha! yup! that's prince Young Saeng alright... does he really think that covering half his face would not make us recognize him? haha.

Cris Alisasis said...

Hahaha... Smart move Prince... But not too smart... LOL!

Btw, just got my SS501 Super Hits Ultimate Deluxe Edition & Dejavu Deluxe Edition.... They're made of pure awesomeness!!! <3 <3 <3

phtriples said...

Really cris?? Wow! That's great! Do those come in DVD's? Do they have English subs? :)

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