After reading Triple S fan accounts from the Malaysia Fan Signing Event, let's read some news. Here are a couple of articles from Sinchew News detailing the event. I just corrected a few typos in these articles, but many thanks to finkle88 for translating from Chinese to English!

1st Article on Malaysia Fan Signing Event

Korean popular boyband SS501's whirlwind visit to Malaysia, fans' level of craziness is shocking! Fans not only started queuing at 7am at the hotel, but also lost control and started crying after successfully obtaining their idols' signatures. Because Warner Music Malaysia only managed to obtain the rights for distribution of the Taiwan albums at the last minute, and only managed to import from Taiwan 1000 copies, as a result, only those who bought the album could get to meet the boys and get their autograph. Hundreds of fans were left outside the door because they could not buy the albums.

Chaos at the Venue

Although ss501 has only been together for 4 years, but their popularity overseas has recently increased, and Leader's BOF and WGM is also popular overseas, and Leader is becoming the new generation Hallyu star, which has led to many overseas fans getting to know SS501 as a group.

The 5 went to Kota Kinabalu to film a DVD on Mon, and before returning back to Seoul, they took 5 hrs to meet the Malaysian media and fans.

The Press Con and Fan Sign were at the same venue. Although fans entered the fan sign venue in batches, but the planning and security was poor, causing chaos. The organizer was worried that because there were too many fans, the fan sign would not be able to end by 8 and cause the boys to miss their flight. To control the time, they changed the system at the last minute, that each album only 1 signature, and each person only 1 album. This last minute change made fans who bought multiple albums unhappy, but there were some who managed to get multiple signatures, and when the organizer found out, they asked the fans to follow the rules or else they would stop the whole fan sign.

Although some fans were not able to get all 5 signatures, but to be able to see the boys still made the fans happy.

This is the first time that SS501 is in Malaysia, but they learnt some Malay words, including 'apa khabar' to greet the Malaysian media.

Baby quiet off-stage

Leader started doodling and drawing the moment he entered the venue. It turned out that it is the first time he saw an ape which was an unforgettable experience for him, so he wanted to draw it as a momento. Jung Min drew an eye of a girl. Joking, he said that he saw a female's reporter eye, but the other eye was covered by her hair, that feels very charming (?).'

At the PressCon the MC asked who is the most different off and on screen. Baby was unanimously voted the winner by the boys. He looked puzzled and said, 'I don't understand why it is me? Actually I am only being my natural self!'

Young Saeng revealed, 'Baby in front of the camera can be really lively and noisy, but off-cam, he has like no energy'.

2nd Article on Malaysia Fan Signing Event

SS501 is now actively attacking the overseas market, as though they are taking a leaf out of DBSK's book (finkle : ah I not sure how to translate this part). Amidst rumors of DBSK disbandment, SS501, whose popularity is rapidly on the rise and which is achieving good results, has the chance to fill in the gap by this 'Heavenly group's' disbandment. But the boys declined to comment on this, stating that their image and dance style's are completely different.

(The next para is similar to the top so I won't translate)

SS501 said that they hoped that people would continue to support Korean groups. Their manager then said this question is too difficult, and the artistes only want to focus on their acting and singing, and so declined to further discuss this topic.

Not eliminating the idea of having a Malaysia concert

SS501 is currently in the midst of their Asia tour, and other than Japan and Korea, the 3rd stop is TW in Oct, with other stops including Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing etc, while there are plans for the Malaysia stop to be at the end of Dec or start of Jan. JM said, 'If the response is good, we will come earlier!' The boys also said that the performances at the Malaysia concert would be similar to that in Japan, but they would perform their new songs with the release of their new album.

Because the boys have many Chinese fans in Asia, many have asked them to sing Chinese songs, and they are not eliminating the possibility of this, but waiting for their company to plan.

The boys revealed that for their new album, they would be showing a more mature manly side to them, and hope this would give people a refreshing feeling.

Leader has had a sterling performance in drama, which seems to have overshadowed the other 4. But Kyu Jong said that the 5 have been successful in their respective fields in musical, singing and drama, and they would each have a chance to act in dramas in the future. Currently have received a few drama offers. Next year, their focus would be on singing and drama.


Credits: Baidu,
Translation Credits: finkle88 @ soompi


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