September 14, 2009

Pouting Kyu Jong

Apparently, not only Jung Min is fond of pouting his lips, Kyu Jong also loves to do it! I don't really know why SS501 is so fond of doing the pout, but you guys have to admit, that just adds to their charms, right? Kyu is so adorable here. Who do you think does the pout better? Jung Min or Kyu Jong?

*Credits as tagged on pics*


sha filan said... this cute photos! hahaha

Anonymous said...

gah! why do they always have to do that?! *gigil* hahaha! ^_^

phtriples said...

they look uber cute, right?! Hehe!

marge0256 said...

they look cute pouting. Imagining each of them, jung min, kyu jong, young saeng, hyung joon, and hyun joong pouting. very cute.

I've been liking kyu lately. he's realy cute, and to die for too :)

Anonymous said...

too cute that it's starting to kill me! hahaha!

Anonymous said...


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