09/14 [NEWS] Influenza, Kim Hyun Joong, Official Album To Be Released As Scheduled

‘H1N1 influenza? Get lost!’

Male group SS501’s Kim HyunJoong will keep his promise to his fans even when he is down with H1N1 influenza. SS501’s company DSP Media representative said “The official album release set to release this month end will proceed as scheduled. It is true that we had considered delay of release in view of Kim Hyun Joong’s condition of H1N1 influenza symptoms. However, for the fans who have waited 3 years for this official album and to keep the promise to their fans, we respect the opinions of the members.

SS501 has already finished recording for the songs in their new album. They released some of their songs during their Asia Tour Seoul Concert held on 1-Aug, captivating their fans with it. They selected their title song and is now left with the second half of production such as music video, etc. Kim Hyun Joong’s condition is getting better by day, and the members have started discussions on the details of this album activities.

Credits : wing@sportshankook.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


This is good news... so the album release will push through as scheduled, meaning on September 17? Or at the end of the month? I know for a fact that so many Triple S fans are eagerly anticipating the album release... so hopefully, they will be able to push it through by the end of the month. Also, I read that Hyun Joong's condition is getting better and that after two weeks, he will be able to meet with all of us again. Can't wait!!!!


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