Contrary to earlier reports, SS501 will now release their new album in September instead of October!

DSP Media said on the 17th, "Kim Hyun Joong headed straight for home from Kimpo Airport yesterday afternoon, after returning to Seoul from Japan where he had been warded for the H1N1 virus. Unlike what was reported earlier, he will be recuperating at home."

They also revealed information about SS501's new album, "SS501 will release their new album in the latter part of September instead of October. This decision was taken after discussions with Hyun Joong and the other SS501 members. We had originally planned to delay the release of the new album because of Hyun Joong's illness but he has requested to follow the original schedule upon his discharge on the 15th."

Looks like it will be just a few days of rest for Hyun Joong after all.

Source: allkpop

Leader is showing us once again how considerate he is to all Triple S fans. It's quite touching actually, for him to personally request that the release date be as scheduled, if only we're not too worried about his health! If he's itching to get back to work before he's fully recovered, he might get a relapse! So I see that he headed straight home, instead of going to Jeju Island as previously reported... hmm... but that's good too because at home he has his parents to take care of him, right? Anyway, let's all think positive, shall we? Hopefully, everything will go well for everyone. Personally, I don't think Leader should push himself way before his health is back to normal. Awww, Leader can sometimes be a tad bit stubborn, huh? Haha. Leader, please be a good patient! LOL.


marge0256 said...

I think so too. I think they boys, not just Leader needs the time to rest. But since Leader loves his fans, he wants things to run smoothly and as planned. We just have to pray for him and wish him well. :)

phtriples said...

yeah, let's pray that everything will be okay... especially leader's health! hope he gets better and better each day. but hope he learns the value of rest too! :)

Anonymous said...

uhmmm... someone please lock Leader up at his home a little bit longer? haha! ^_^

but seriously, just like everyone else, i also wish things will go smoothly for the release of their album & the Asian tour... and that there will be no other "mishaps" will come along the way. *crosses fingers... including toes* haha! ^_^

i guess Leader misses SS501 & his fans too... <3

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