Most of you already know that SS501 performed some of their new songs from the REBIRTH album at Persona in Seoul and Japan, right? That was months ago, but I've ONLY noticed fancams from those events surfacing in YouTube NOW that the album has been released. This means that Triple S fans KEPT their fancams for 2 months, and just released them now that the album is officially out. I don't know about you, but that just proves that Triple S fans are really respectful and loyal! That's one more reason why I'm proud to be a Triple S!

I can just imagine how difficult it is to keep the fancams because I know how exciting it must be to share with the whole world how wonderful these performances are. So I'm going to salute you Triple S! Well done! Now that the album is out, we can rejoice and celebrate with our boys. We can watch all we want in YouTube, but always always remember guys: DO NOT DOWNLOAD SONGS, BUY THE ORIGINAL ALBUM!!!

With that said, I love this fancam of our prince Young Saeng dancing to Love Like This from Persona in Japan & Taiwan. I love how this vid was made... combined scenes from both Japan and Taiwan Persona. Thanks to irenelin005!

More fancams from Taiwan Persona Concert:

SS501 - Love Like This @ Taiwan Persona
Young Saeng focus @ Taiwan Persona Concert Encore
SS501 in TAIWAN Concert ending 1 (Leader pours water over Kyu, and Kyu gets his revenge)
SS501 in TAIWAN Concert ending 2 (Leader and Mal moment)
SS501 singing Grean Peas @ Taiwan Persona
Young Saeng focus @ Taiwan Persona Concert Encore

Video Credits: YT Uploaders

And also mini UFO compiled the song list for the Taiwan Concert and she kindly shared in her blog (thanks!). SS501 sang a total of 23 songs!!! Amazing!

00. Opening
01. Deja Vu
02. Unlock
03. Warning
04. 4Chance
05. Lalala.... Song for you
06. HyungJoon Solo - Hey G
07. KyuJong Solo - Never let you go
08. KyuJong Solo - Wuss Up
09. Never Again
10. Because I am stupid
11. JungMin Solo - Only me
12. Jung Min Solo - 甜蜜蜜 (Tian Mi Mi = Sweetness)
13. SS501 sub unit follow by all 5 together - U R Man
14. Fighter
15. Young Saeng Solo - Nameless Memory
16. HyunJoong Solo - Please be good to me
17. New song - Crazy 4 U
18. New song - Pea Princess
19. New song - Only One Day
20. New song - Love Like This

21. Encore 1 - Coward
22. Encore 2 - Bye Bye
23. Encore 3 - You are my heaven

Song list credit:


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