SS501 on American advance, “We felt the wall to American advance is really high”

In a recent interview, SS501 who will soon be starting their busy promotion schedules for their new album, Rebirth, revealed that it was still early for them to break into America and they would be focusing on Asia for the time being.

SS501 expressed, "Many of our seniors have been entering the American market in recent times for promotions. But we feel that we still lack that something to do that. What's more important to us right now is our promotions in Korea and the rest of Asia. If we achieve good results in our Asia promotions, we might consider trying for the American market."

Having released their album earlier in the week, SS501 will begin their long awaited comeback with their title song, Love Like This on Music Core on 24th October.

Source: allkpop


What???! But they're topping the charts!!! And they're awesome!!! LOL. Just look at this:



Credit: ㅎㄳㄱ@ dcgd

What do you think guys? Are our boys not ready to conquer America just yet? :)


jovelyn said...

This is one of their great assets,they're honest. Besides,they're doing extremely great in Asia. They're one of the most talented and widely popular artists in Asia. For me,it doesn't really matter if they don't try the American market or if they won't try at all.
And the American market is just so bias to foreign / Asian artists. To be honest, Asian artists are way way talented, talking about real talent of course.

phtriples said...

very well said jovelyn! i agree with you 501%! hehe. it's not that they can't, because if they really want to, i think they can do it. but frankly, i don't want them to penetrate the american market. at least not just yet. i want them to enjoy their popularity in asia first. they haven't even gone to the Philippines! hehe.

and you're right, the american market has this tendency to be biased. Asian artists are an extremely talented breed, they strive on pure talent.

anyway, great thoughts jovelyn. thanks for sharing! :)

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